Sarah Labrecque from Palmyra, and a student at Tri-County Technical Center, was awarded a Skill Point Certificate in commercial baking at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Kansas City, Missouri.
Industry leaders representing over 600 businesses, corporations, trade associations and unions recognized the students for their demonstrated excellence in 99 hands-on occupational and leadership contests, such as robotics, criminal justice, aviation maintenance and public speaking. All contests are designed, run and judged by industry using industry standards.
High scorers in the contests received Skill Point Certificates. The Skill Point Certificate was awarded in 86 occupational and leadership areas to students who achieved a high score defined by industry.
The following local students recently graduated from Bates College: Catherine Strauch, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Strauch of Exeter, is a 2010 graduate of Dexter Regional High School. She graduated cum laude after majoring in music. She graduated as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's most prestigious liberal arts honor society.
Tessa Hathaway, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Hathaway of Pittsfield, is a 2010 graduate of Maine Central Institute. She graduated after majoring in English.
Christopher Bridges of Dexter, graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering technology from RIT's College of Applied Science and Technology.
The following students at Nokomis Regional High have made the honor roll for the fourth quarter of the 2013-2014 school year.
twelfth grade highest honors: Shannon Campbell, Camden Clark, Sadie Ferguson, Kelsey Kerstetter, Katelyn Manzo, Sara Packard, Lindsay Whitney.
twelfth grade high honors: Kayla Braley, Kaitlin Brewer, Mariah Carey, Courtney Carlson, Andrew Cartwright, Georgia Charles, Sierra Fortin, Daniel Gallison, Jessica Gangemi, Ellery Goode, Tori Gray, Ceirra Hatch, Natasha Howard, Connor Lane, Zachary Lane, Kaitlyn Lindsey, Anna MacKenzie, Damon McCormick, Logan Melanson, Lindsay Mower, Alexandria Newhall, Amelia Nickerson, Rebecca Orcutt, Zachary Ramsdell, Tyler Richard, Kelsie Richards, Kylie Richards, Taylor Shaw, Joshua Shibles, Aaron Smestad, Kendra Underhill, Briana Vigneault.
twelfth grade honors: Emalie Bailey, Robert Brooks, Tristan Brooks, Sebastian Clark, Dominic Erickson, Benjamin French, Drew Graves, Sabrina Gustin, Courtney LaChance, Travis Lawler, Savanna Leavitt, Hailey Ludden, Ryan Marcia, Morgan Mitchell, Amber Null, Katherine Osman, Taylor Quick, Dustin Shealy, Samantha Simpson, Jacob Thomas, Christian Tripodi, Calvin Warren.
eleventh grade highest honors: Christine Clark, Devon Kerstetter, Kathleen Reheuser, Yvonne Russell, Baylee Wilson.
eleventh grade high honors: Kaleb Belanger, Alexander Black, Cassandra Connor, Kirsten Costedio, Allison Croce, Brock Haverly-Johndro, Hannah Hegarty, Shannon Kasprzak, Noah Kershner, Brock Littlefield, Collin Littlefield, Matthew Martin, Audra McTague, Kristin Murphy, Marina Ruedas Rodriguez, Samantha Seavey, Kenneth Shakespeare, Brittany Standley, Abigail Stone, Felix Thibodeau, Dane Wheeler, Jessi Zambona.
eleventh grade honors: Mikayla Charters, Jacob Cloutier, Andrew Dyer, Mara Emond, Brody Haverly-Johndro, Greysen Heatherly, Shayna Hicks, Douglas Kimball, Connor Kreider, Becca Lawler, Ailie Mahonen, Emily Randall, Benjamin Richardson, Chelsey Roy, Jasmin Woodbury.
tenth grade highest honors: Rosalie Bowman, Bruce Wilson.
tenth grade high honors: Jessica Alexander, Breac Baker, Brock Bubar, Dana Cooper, Michaela Costello, Olivia DeNicola, Elizabeth Dunivan, Lydia Elwell, Zackary Erskine, Zebulen Harrington, Jean-Marie Hughes, Ryan LaGross, Mathieu Levasseur, Hillary Manson, Erin Martin, Allison Mendonca, Morganne Robinson, Anna Schweim, Cody Shaw, Anna Smestad, Tiffany Smith, Kirstin Taylor, Gage Thibodeau, Gwendolyn Viles.
tenth grade honors: Sierra Beem, Tiffany Black, Krista Braley, Sabrina Champluvier, Audrey Davis, Zachary Gallison, Brittany Gould, BreAnna Griffith, Hattie Hubbard, Alexander Huff-Haskell, Austin Norris, Kamaryn Pendleton, Jason Prescott, Victoria Sanborn, Sarah Sylvester, Ronald Trask, Micayla Wilson.
ninth grade highest honors: Galen Armstrong, Mercedes Brown, Shelby Haskell, Isaac Sacks, Gabrielle Sands, Austin Taylor.
ninth grade high honors: Emily Ayer, Ketrina Bennett, Connor Bowman, Olivia Brown, Journey Bubar, Heidi Clark, Jessica Cloutier, Colby Fredette, Laura Freudenberger, Harley Gagne, Samantha Harvey, Zachery Ireland, Emily Kenney, Samuel Kenney, Colby Kreider, Emma McAnirlin, Briana Reazor, Dianna Thorpe, Samuel Viekman, Konnor Webber, Jillian Whitney.
ninth grade honors: Austin Archer, Dana Grass, Chloe Gustin, Taylor Harris, Elasah MacDonald, Sarah Manzo, Krystina Martinez, Karlie McGinnis, Sidney Moore, Renee Nichols, Nicholas Pomroy.