Nokomis Regional High’s Athletic Director/Dean of Students, Mr. Mark Babin (Middle) has announced the Athletes of the Year for 2016 who are, Michael Massow and Elizabeth Dunivan. During the Nokomis Regional High Underclassmen Assembly the following students were nominated by faculty and then voted on. Pictured from left to right are Warrior of the Year Chance Graves, Zachary Hartsgrove, and Dana Grass. Student of the Year were Laura Freudenberger, Aren Herrick and Jordyn Almeida.
Erin Knight of Palmyra received a Juris Doctor Degree Cum Laude at the 2016 commencement exercises of Suffolk University Law School. At Suffolk Law, she was lead articles editor of the Law Review, a Dean’s List student and member of Phi Delta Phi International Legal Honor Society. She also was the winner of the Harold B. Goodwin Mock Trial Competition and recipient of the Thomas J. Drinan Memorial Fellowship for 2015. She is the daughter of Michael Knight of Palmyra and Lisa Perry of Pittsfield. More than 2,300 undergraduate and advanced degrees were awarded at the commencement ceremonies for Suffolk University’s College of Arts and Sciences, Sawyer Business School and the Law School. Suffolk University, located in historic downtown Boston, with an international campus in Madrid, is a student-centered institution distinguished by excellence in education and scholarship. Suffolk University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 90 areas of study. Its mission is to empower graduates to be successful locally, regionally and globally. For more information on Suffolk University visit
The following area students have been named to the Spring 2016 Dean's List at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts for achieving a GPA of 3.33 or higher: Shayna Fogg of Dexter and Gabrielle Flewelling of Stetson. Founded in 1899, Mount Ida College is a small, private college in Newton, Massachusetts that provides career-focused programs built upon a strong foundation of social sciences, humanities, and the arts, which prepares students for achievement in their chosen careers, and in life. To learn more, visit the college's website at
Hunter Belanger of Dexter and Alexander Petersen of Stetson have been named to the Spring 2016 Dean’s Honor List. Belanger studies Physics and Petersen studies Electrical Engineering. The Dean's Honor List recognizes students who attain a grade point average of 3.50 or better and have no grade below C. Founded in 1824, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is America's oldest technological research university. As it approaches its bicentennial anniversary, the Institute continues to define The New Polytechnic, a new paradigm for teaching, learning, and research that uses advanced technologies to enable fresh collaborations across disciplines, sectors, and regions, in order to answer the global challenges of our day. For more information on Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute visit
The Dexter Regional High School would like to announce the 4th quarter Honor Roll for 2015-2016 school year.
SENIORS: Stacey Allen, Katherine Batron, Jaina Boyd, Gabrielle Cavanaugh, Bryce Greaves, Lacey Harding, Elizabeth Harrington, Mariah Hughes, Dayle Iverson, Kolby Kain, Daniel Wallace, DeAnn Watson, Emily Watson and Autumn- May Young.
JUNIORS: Alyssa Brasier, Hannah Farrar, Brayden Miller, Tiffani Ortiz, Reaghan Patterson, Ashley Reynolds, William Strauch and Abigail Webber.
SOPHOMORES: Kaitlyn Webber.
FRESHMEN: Christopher Roderka.
SENIORS:Arielle Carlow, Jenna Crane, Kyle Emerson, Airiell Knowlton, Joseph Qualey and Makayla Smith.
JUNIORS: Brandon Allen, Kayli Cunningham, Calbe Cyr, Olivia Day, Jacob Hesseltine, Kilee Lewis, Autumn Nickerson and Jasmine Woodard.
SOPHOMORES: Domanic Lovely.
FRESHMEN: Ashley Downing and Shannon O’Roak.
SENIORS: Tatum Green and Landon Shaw.
JUNIORS: Whitney Curtis.
SOPHOMORES: Kellie Bache, Rebecca Batron, Adriana Bryant, Amber Burns
Andre Carlow, Matthison Deering, Aubrey Godin, Alex Gould, Gabrielle Grant, Brayden Greaves, Matthew Hanscome, Amber-Lynn Jusczak, George Lewis, Andrew Pinkham, Matthew Richards, Hayley Rossman, Kayla Robinson, Kayla Rutledge, Kira Swimm, Starr Tasker, Savanna Tilley, Matthew Watson and Olivia Webber.
FRESHMEN: Isabella Adam, Emily Albair, Dillion Allen, Elise Beaudry, Samantha Bishop, Ethan Boutilier, Danielle Cummings, Chase Dyer, Christopher Fitzgerald, Yike Gao, MacKenzie Gould, Kaylie Harris, Isaiah Hesseltine, Brandon Higgins, Jordan Hughes, Devan Hunter, Autumn Irwin, Mark Kilmer, David Kirshkaln, Amber Knowlton, Abigail Paige, Janette Patterson, Jayna Robinson, Aino Rudloff-Eastman, Matthew Sickles, Morgan Smith, Hunter Speed, Elyce Wigham, Anthony Woods and Hongyi Wu.
Maine Central Institute would like to announce the fourth quarter Honor Roll for the 2015-2016 school year.
SENIORS: Julia Bluhm, Alexis Caldwell, Leah Carron, Abigail DeSchiffart, Xantal Dufrasne, Viktoria Klimkova, Yitong Anna Liu, Hailey Stewart, Gregory Vigue, Hengjiali Curi Xu, and Yingning Rill Ye.
JUNIORS: Yuna Cho, Lanqing Cathy Huang, Aidan Peacock, An Emily Truc Song Van, Hunter Wintle, and Jiashu David Yue.
SOPHOMORES: Samantha Dunton, Olivia Churchill Durkee, Madison Fitts, Hannah Folan, Clair Gerry, Connor Miholovich, Abigail Monteyro, Anna Simeone, Micaela Simeone, Nikki Stewart, Elspeth Taylor, Li Aaron Tian, Sarah Trimarchi, Devon Varney, Caroline Vigue, Sarah Welch, and Addi Williams.
FRESHMEN: Hayden Caldwell, Richard Hallowell, Caitlin McKenney, Angela Waskewicz, and Mykayla Weinstein.
SENIORS: Brianna Ballard, Mikayla Carr, Savannah Creasy, Hannah Cunningham, Wanshan Evan Dong, Dillon Fitts, Sophia Flynn, Amanda Hays, Vu Yen Linh Ho, Hannah Holtsclaw, Miranda Kuespert, Taylor Leavitt, Jiachun Maya Li, Xinxiao Frank Liu, Amelia McCannell, Jorge Miralles, Braden Monteyro, Uyen Thanh Pham, Konstantin Pribylov, Logan Rollins, Sarah Schissler, Mina Sibalic, Shamira Tanguay, Phuong Le Nam Thai, Evgenii Tilipman, Nathanael Tilton, Diyun DiDi Wang, Jiachen Eric Wang, Katherine Welch, Emma Zerba, and Jialiang Michae Zhang.
JUNIORS: Benjamin Arsenault, Gabrielle Benedetto, Abigail Bernier, Hayden Boreham, Mikahla Brochu, Joshua Buker, Elijah Bussell, Junming Harry Hong, Georgy Khvtisavrishvili, Alexei Krechko, Marshall Lawler, Yicheng Allen Lin, John Linkletter, Keely Manzo, Carter Pearl, Carter Richmond, Emily Richmond, Brayden Rollins, Jessica Smith, Jie Lyndon Tao, Riley Trafton, Nghia Hieu Adam Tran, Xuanhua Clark Zhang, Zihao Jeremy Zhao, and Breanna True.
SOPHOMORES: Yuxin Isaac Bai, Adam Bertrand, Eva Bickford, Jiedi Jayson Chen, Mercedes-Lee Cote, Chelsea Degenhardt, Ciera Hamlin, Cassidy Hamm, Allison Hughes, Tuong Huynh, Benjamin Kennedy, Gabriel Lessing, Yijie YJ Li, Paige Lord, Sydney Morton, Hoang Loc Randy Nguyen, Ngan Song Kim Natalie Nguyen, Aiden Nolan, Maxine Piatt, Michaela Piatt, PJ Plummer, Katelynn Rines, Aaron Schanck, Kianna Sousa, Abigail Stevens, Michael Strom, Chen Wendy Wang, Hongyi Billy Wu, Kazuma Yamamoto, Tian Zhang, and Siqi Veronica Zhu.
FRESHMEN: Sylvia Andersen, Seth Bussell, Nicholas Clark, Blake Dawes, Monica De Leon Brumer, Jettah Files, Victoria Friend, Avery Gosselin, Anton Grigel, Margaret Hodgins, Xiaohan Richard Hou, Sarah Kelly, Cheyanne Laythe, Josie Libby, Audrey McCannell, Evan J Shaw, Arica Taylor, Samuel Tilton, and Xuanyou Jane Zhou.
SENIORS: Macy Murray.
JUNIORS: Seth Mason.
FRESHMEN: Destinee Duprey.