Waldo County Triad partnered with the Liberty Fire Department on Saturday, July 18th for a free smoke and carbon monoxide detector along with a reflective house sign installation. Triad volunteers were joined by Liberty firefighters and Waldo County deputies and visited thirty-five senior households. This event was made possible through Waldo County Triad fundraising and grants received to carry out the mission of partnerships with senior citizens, law enforcement and community organizations to improve the safety of older adults through education and service. Citizens with questions about Waldo County Triad, or who wish to volunteer, are encouraged to visit Facebook or call 1-866-0426-7555.
The Freedom Congregational Church will be hosting a public supper on Saturday, August 1st from 4:30 to 6 PM. The hall is handicap accessible. The proceeds from this supper will benefit church projects. The church is located on 55 Pleasant Street in Freedom.