In a recent in-service training at Sanfield Nursing Home in Hartland, Sebasticook Valley Health (SVH) Podiatrist James Fullwood, Jr., DPM, kept nursing and ancillary staff engaged with his compelling presentation on wound care or, as he puts it, “preventing wounds from becoming amputations.”
Dr. Fullwood’s educational presentation consisted of a slideshow that detailed the challenges of treating wounds that result from diabetes and circulatory diseases. With case studies of wound treatments from his career, Dr. Fullwood stressed the importance of treating the whole patient rather than the wound, and he provided instruction on how nursing staff can perform a podiatric exam. He also underscored the importance of nurses acting as advocates for their patients and the importance of referring to specialists who support the goal of avoiding amputation.
Assisted by his medical assistant Tammy Basford, CMA, Dr. Fullwood instructed staff in attendance on the proper way to apply an Unna boot (a compression dressing usually made of cotton that contains zinc oxide paste), provided information on the best medical interventions for wound care, and offered practical insights on treating wounds as simple as bug bites or cuts from walking outside from developing into serious problems for elderly patients.
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Dr. James Fullwood, Jr., DPM.
The following is a schedule of activities that Sebasticook Valley Health patients will enjoy during the week of Monday, July 28th through Friday, August 1st.
Monday, July 28th- Daily Brain Buster, Spill and Spell; Tuesday, July 29th- Daily Brain Buster, Bowling; Wednesday, July 30th - Daily Brain Buster, Bingo; Thursday, July 31st- Daily Brain Buster, Puzzles; Friday, August 1st- Daily Brain Buster, House Search-A-Word.