Mayo Regional Hospital CEO Marie Vienneau met with Jane Hibbard-Merrill and her husband Charles, in December to discuss a $250,000 donation from the family to relocate and improve Mayo’s Oncology Services.
The family’s vision for the project includes relocating Mayo’s present Oncology Services Department from the original Mayo Hospital building to within the main hospital. Remodeling for privacy, pharmacy services and physician support that would create a homelike atmosphere with support for patients and their family members. Improvements would also include the addition of state of the art equipment and teleconferencing capability with out of town physicians, which will reduce the need for travel to Bangor for additional services.
The gift is in memory of Tracy Hibbard-Kasprzak, daughter of the late Gary M. Hibbard and Jane Hibbard-Merrill. Tracy died on March 25, 2014 of colon cancer.
Tracy faced her battle with colon cancer with courage, faith and the determination never to give up and always believing there is hope. This journey took Tracy to the major oncology hospitals throughout the northeast, undergoing treatment that included radiation, chemotherapy, cyber knife and surgery. Tracy also spent many hours locally at Mayo Regional Hospital for additional treatment. During this time she commented that it would be nice to have a new modern clinic located in the main hospital. Throughout her journey her devoted husband Jamie and a loving family that helped her maintain her sense of humor and a positive attitude supported Tracy.
Inspired by Tracy’s strength and courage, Jane and Charles have committed to improving the comfort and privacy of oncology patients and their family.
The Mayo Regional Hospital Board of Directors was very supportive of their vision and accepted their gift of $250,000 to initiate the plan. Work is underway to meet with an architect and to determine the scale and timing of the project.
The following is a schedule of activities that Sebasticook Valley Health patients will enjoy during the week of Monday, January 26th through Saturday, January 30th.
Monday, January 26th- Daily Brain Buster, 1:30 PM - Music with Baylee; Tuesday, January 27th - Daily Brain Buster, Connect Four; Wednesday, January 28th - Daily Brain Buster, Yahtzee Games; Thursday, January 29th - Daily Brain Buster, National Puzzle Day; Friday, January 30th - Daily Brain Buster, Family Feud Friday.