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70th year of the Harmony Free Fair. This small community fair sure has grown in the past 70 years. In the past decade, the fairgrounds have seen the addition of a restroom/office building, the Exhibition Hall and the fiber arts building. The fair certainly has come a long way since its beginnings in the school parking lot.
The best things in life are free. Unfortunately, building a new food pavilion at the Harmony Free Fair is not. The current building used for cooking and serving hamburgers and hot dogs seems to be getting smaller each year as the Harmony Patriarch’s Club strives to keep up with meeting the needs of fair patrons. In addition, fairgoers currently need to visit two separate booths in order to purchase fries and a hot dogs or hamburgers. When the Patriarch’s Club reaches its goal of raising $35,000 to build a new food pavilion, fair attendees will hear the words “Would you like fries with that?” as the new pavilion will provide enough space to combine the french fry and food booths into a convenient one stop ordering location. In addition, the new pavilion will add much needed secure storage space as well as a covered seating area for fairgoers.
Harmony Free Fair bustles with activity as fairgoers enjoy the sites and sounds of a hometown fair.
Over the course of the nearly seventy years of its existence, the Harmony Patriarch’s Club has given considerably to the community. From donating funds for school field trips, to awarding scholarships to Harmony students looking to continue their education, to holding fundraisers for community members in their time of need. Now, the Club is looking to the community for help in raising the funds needed to complete the new food pavilion. A grant is being obtained to fund a portion of the full cost of constructing the building. Community help and support is still needed to raise the additional funds to complete construction in the spring and summer of 2017.
Corporate sponsors are currently being sought. In addition, there have been personal donations already received. Donors contributing $250 or more will be recognized on a plaque to be displayed on the new building. There is also an opportunity to memorialize a loved one by making a donation of $2,500 and receiving a plaque to be installed at the new pavilion. These memorials are limited and there are currently 5 spaces still available. All donations of any size are welcome, appreciated and should be sent to The Harmony Patriarch’s Club, PO Box 45, Harmony, ME 04942. The Club is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization making your donation tax deductible.
The Harmony Patriarch’s Club would like to recognize the members of the community for their support through the years. The Club is always looking for ways to not only enhance the fair experience but for opportunities to better their community. As one Patriarch’s Club member said at the recent community meeting discussing the project, “We aren’t the biggest fair, but we are growing to be the best.”