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A new group has formed with the mission of helping maintain walking, hiking, and biking trails in the greater Moosehead Lake region. Moosehead Trails (MT) was created to provide opportunities for volunteers to hike, learn about trail maintenance and construction, and serve local communities.
“We want to give everyone who loves to hike in the Moosehead Lake region a chance to get outside and give back in a fun, social way,” said Jenny Ward, MT volunteer and social coordinator.
Moosehead Trails will host four volunteer work trips this summer and early fall: Little Wilson Falls and Goodell Brook on Saturday, June 4th; Number Four Mountain on Saturday, July 16th; Blue Ridge Hike and Bike Trail on Friday, August 12th and Big Moose Mountain on Friday, September 9th. Work trips will be hosted in partnership with the State Bureau of Parks and Lands and the Appalachian Mountain Club.
Little Wilson Falls: Photo courtesy of Jeremy Dubois.
The Saturday, June 4th kick-off will be a moderate day of brushing and blazing trails while exploring some of the region’s premier waterfalls. Volunteers will be treated to coffee and donuts in the morning and a complimentary barbecue after the day’s work. This will be a National Trails Day event.
Interested individuals can follow Moosehead Trails on Facebook for up-to-date information. To register for the work trip on June 4th, or to learn more about MT and future events, email Erica Kaufmann at