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All of Maine’s credit unions—56 of them—participated in the 2018 Campaign for Ending Hunger. Through this collaboration, they were able to raise a record-breaking $787,360.68. All of these funds—100% of them, are returned to the credit unions that raised the funds to be distributed to their local food pantries and ending hunger organizations. It is an amazing display of what credit unions do best—support their local communities and help those in need in those communities.
Sebasticook Valley FCU, with the help of their very generous members and hard-working staff was able to raise an amazing $27,075.08 for their 2018 Ending Hunger Campaign. This is the most that they have ever raised in the 25 plus years that they have been participating in the Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger. SVFCU placed 5th in total amount raised, out of the 56 participating Maine credit unions.
Sebasticook Valley FCU will distribute their 2018 Ending Hunger Campaign funds $27,075.08 at the SVFCU Annual Meeting to be held on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019. These funds will help to support food pantries in Pittsfield, Hartland, Corinna, Newport and Stetson; back pack programs in MSAD #53 and RSU #19; school food pantries at Sebasticook Valley and Somerset Valley Middle Schools and Nokomis Regional High; and the Healthy SV Senior Farm Share Program.
Sebasticook Valley FCU would like to recognize all of the members and local businesses and employees that supported all of the many, many Ending Hunger fundraisers of 2018. From the golf tournament, to the goat milk soaps, jams, potholders, hats and mittens sales, to the ever popular Cash Calendar ticket sales every dollar counts and every dollar raised will go to help hunger organizations in the area.
Pictured from left to right: Martha Knight, Kim Barnet and Mindy Nyman.