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By Michael D. Wyly

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The American Jeep, first produced by Willys, Inc., in 1941 for the US Army, made its international debut from Guadalcanal in the Pacific, Great Britain in the Atlantic, and by war’s end, every continent except Antarctica! The Jeep said to the world: “America! Freedom! It represented those wonderful and raucous young “G.I.’s”, who won the war.
This coming Saturday, August 25th, at 10 AM, four different Maine based “jeep clubs” together with any other Jeep-owners who want to participate, will parade from the Pittsfield Industrial Park, up Somerset Avenue to the stop light, turn right on Main Street, and proceed to the Cianbro Parking Lot across from PopOnOver’s Café, 119 Main. Jeep owners who would like to participate should drive over to the Pittsfield Industrial Park, just across the street from Irving’s, to form up no later than 9:30 AM for the 9:45 start time of what is being dubbed “The Jeep Invasion”. Festivities will continue until 2 PM in the Cianbro Parking lot and across the street at Poponover’s café.
Equally big will be music by amateur singing groups and recordings of songs, some dating back to World War 2: “Lily Marlene”, “The Stage Door Canteen”, and “This is the Army Mr. Jones!”
The occasion will feature benefits for Homeless Veterans. PopOnOver’s is donating 10% of proceeds from ice cream and food served from 10 AM til 2 PM, and sponsoring a 50-50 raffle together with raffling off some donated artifacts, while Cianbro provides use of its parking lot and electricity for the music. None of the raffles require participants’ presence for the drawing. All who sign-up will submit name and contact information and winners will be notified. 100% of proceeds from the raffles go to homeless veterans, save the 50% of the 50-50 raffle that goes to the lucky winner.
Rob McMullen of Newport, a jeep-owner, himself and a Cianbro employee, is the man in charge of the parade. He has coordinated with several jeep-owners and even jeep clubs in the area, including Penobscot 4-Wheel Drive, Lake Region Jeepers, and Back Country Jeeps, which features especially some older and historic models.
We encourage participation to show support of our veterans, young and old, homeless and homefolk, if only to buy a scoop of ice cream to add to the money donated for this worthy cause.
Also, it’s not too late for the musically inclined to volunteer for a song or an instrumental and add to the entertainment. It is one more way of showing pride in our historic and beautiful community. Call 207-341-0675, to volunteer or ask questions.