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Dexter Dover Area Towns in Transition (DDATT) plans on beginning the July 4th Independence Day weekend by hosting its monthly first Friday public discussion and movie on Friday, July 1st from 7 to 9 PM. The topic up for discussion will be "The role of civil disobedience to change unethical laws". The meeting will be held at the Abbott Memorial Library at 1 Church Street in Dexter.
Just because a law is legal does not mean it's just or ethical. For instance it used to be legal to own another human being. It used to be legal to deny women to vote. It used to be legal to deny civil rights to people because of their skin color. These laws were changed when enough people decided that they were not right and rose up to force the change.
It is currently legal for corporations to have more influence on the political system in the USA than individual citizens.​ These corporate influences have dramatic effects on our environment, economy, and self-determination.
Laws are created by people and can be changed by people once there's enough will to make it happen. A human-made law is not forever. But when the legal deck is stacked against the individual in favor of the powerful, how can individuals make a difference?
Civil Disobedience is an American response to such a condition. The group will briefly look at the history of this method of protest, then open the facilitated discussion to see how it may apply to our present day situations. All interested citizens are invited to come share their perspectives. For more information contact 277-4221.