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A Pow-Wow has been defined as a Native American Ceremony that brings together people of different generations and backgrounds to join in dancing, singing, sharing, visiting and story telling. It’s a time-honored ceremony to honor ancestors and to share with the public the Native American heritage and culture. The 17th Annual North Country Inter Tribal Pow-Wow will begin on Saturday, September 3rd and continue through Monday, September 5th.
The Pow-Wow will be hosted by Edward “Crazy Wolf” Littlefield, Ellie Luce, Randy Luce, and family. This years event will feature dancing, drumming, flute playing, story telling, craft and food vendors plus more. Admission will be $5 per adult, per day, while children under 18 can enter for free with a paid adult. The gate will be open from 10 AM to 3 PM and the Pow-wow will run from 10 AM to 5 PM. After 3 PM admission will be free.
The Pow-Wow is to honor its co-founder, Anna "Sunlight" Littlefield and those whom have passed on before her and after. The Emcee, Master of Ceremonies, will be James Augustine and the Host Drum by Grandmother’s Tears Singers, Sacred Wolf Singers, Black Hawk Singers, and Fish River Singers. The Fire Keeper will be Paul Hinkley. The Pow-Wow will take place at 934 Elm Street off exit 161, East Newport/Plymouth exits. This event is open to the public; therefore, be respectful of others as the Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow honors every tradition and every culture. No illegal drugs or alcohol will be permitted on the grounds. Animals are welcome, but must be leashed at all times.
Pictured are past ceremonial dancers in the North Country Inter-Tribal Pow-Wow.