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By the time you get this to read, the Fourth of July will be part of history, again. When a holiday is on a Monday, I have to project ahead because you won’t get the paper until Tuesday. Since I have some trouble deciding what day it is, I’m not too good at helping up with things. I have to presume you’ve forgiven me when I’m out of whack since no one has ever dropped me a line of complaint.
Or have you?
Back to July Fourth. Doesn’t it seem to anyone else that, this time of year, we seem to have a log jam of holidays? In May, there was Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Mother’s Day is not technically a holiday, but it might as well be, with all the family traveling, phone calls, gifts, cards, and hype.
Right on the heels of Mom’s Day, there’s Memorial Day, a really nice Holiday. Not only is it a good time for remembering, it’s also the start of the summer season of backyard barbecuing. In Maine, happily, it seems to be the end of the monsoon season. Recently, a TV weatherman pointed out there were only 7 dry days during the whole month of May. The amount of rain inches during the other 24 days were too awful to contemplate. June may have been drier, but it was as gloomy as an Edgar Allen Poe story. The only special day was for dear old Dad, and I don’t know how happy he was having to barbeque and cut grass while fighting zillions of black flies and mosquitoes, who came buzzing out of the woods. I’m convinced that the only gift the average father treasures is a Sunday when he can splay out on the couch and watch NASCAR racing, golf tournaments, or indoor football. Give him a sandwich and his favorite beverage and leave him alone.
The time has come for visits from family members who live fairly far away. Everyone heads for the son with the big house and big swimming pool. I like to sit and wonder what kind of a party Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin threw and what they would have to say about July 4, 2005. Forget the fireworks – just hand me a veggie burger and the bug killer.
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