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Mad March is almost gone. Good riddance. We’ll have mere days to see if it will go out like a lamb, since it certainly came in like a roaring lion. Let’s see – how many blizzards so far this month? Three, wasn’t it? Maybe there were more and I chose to ignore them.
The only thing to be said for being almost totally housebound is the fact that one can ignore the weather. I have wonderful blinds – they let in light and that’s all. I can see through them to the outside if I wish, but no one can see through them from the outside in. They also provide insulation, keeping hot air in during the winter and hot air out during the summer.
I also have a big ceiling fan in the living room. This enhances my Casablanca moods. I’ve been told it will help keep the place cooler in the summer. I can picture myself sitting under it, fanning myself with a bamboo hand fan, singing “As Time Goes By,” and sipping a tonic and something from a glass full of ice.
April, which opens the door to spring, is, as the poet said, “…the cruelest month.” I think this is because it starts with, April Fools Day and can continue in the same vein for the rest of the month. There can be days bright with sunshine and blue skies, warmer temperatures, with the promise of putting away snow shovels and parkas. There can also be days of rain with the promise of May flowers and wet, heavy snowstorms requiring shovels and mittens. Where will poor robin go? The poor, silly bird one glimpses during the month had better have a room in a barn or a birdhouse.
It’s hard to avoid concentrating so hard on weather when it’s such a dominant factor in one’s environment. Hard to believe that there’s a cable channel devoted entirely to what’s happening meteorologically in the entire country, plus pertinent data on your own backyard. The ratings are very high whenever special “events” take place and lately, there seems to be a lot of those.
I’m pretty well hooked on weather watching. During hurricanes I even stay up all night if need be. That’s whenever the storms are threatening loved ones in their path. This condition can even bring back nightmares every mother experiences when her kids are small – the ones where you’re trying to round up everyone, including pets, and get them all to a safe place. There’s usually one who lags, or one who won’t be quiet if the danger includes a human attack accompanying the tidal wave or tornado, or whatever. It’s awful, sitting in front of the TV watching the approach of a hurricane and not being able to do something about it.
Even if no one close is threatened, I still want to know what’s happening and where. This has been a truly bad weather year everywhere, not only in our country, but also around the world. It seems there’s either severe droughts of torrential rain, terrible tornadoes, fierce windstorms and gales, no snow where it’s supposed to be, or too much, and, of course, the ultimate horrors, volcanoes blowing their tops and the earth heaving hard enough to shift the planet from it’s orbital path, and produce the dreaded tsunami.
If you look at the whole picture, Maine seems to be a relatively quiet spot. This isn’t much consolation when you’re shoveling inches of snow to get to your car, which is an ice cube. We do have the best snow maintenance in the country, but still, people seem to be driving faster, at unsafe speeds, and having more accidents. Go figure.
I’ve certainly done my time fighting the elements, and for too many years, by myself. Now, I can sit behind my blinds, worrying about people everywhere having to struggle with the weather. I can hardly wait for May, the darling month of May.
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