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I’m writing this exactly one week less one day before Christmas Day. The fact that I can’t figure the exact math involved will show you the state in which I find myself. I am surrounded by a multitude of boxes and general disarray. There is not a decorated tree, nor a string of lights, nor a single wrapped present in sight. There aren’t even drapes, shades, nor blinds on a single window.
You’ve guessed it – I’ve moved. This year I didn’t knock down a wall between rooms the week before Christmas as I’ve often done in the past. I’ve gone a step further and moved, kit and caboodle, down the street to a bigger place – one that will accommodate me on my scooter.
Speaking of kit and caboodle – how did I manage to accumulate so much? I really thought I had scaled down my life considerably since becoming an apartment dweller, but, once a pack rat, always a pack rat.
It took a small army to move me a few yards. They were all cheerful and diligent. Everyone had a party to attend in the evening and I hope they were able to make it. They’ll be back today to attempt to finish the job and I’ll find out.
A different piece of furniture has been chosen to serve as my desk. The last one was one of those 6-foot tables with folding legs. This one is one of my favorite things – a table from Denmark that, when closed up, looks like a chest with one big cupboard instead of drawers. Inside the cupboard are leaves that fit together, opening out to a long, wide table big enough for a large party of diners. It now has every leaf securely locked in place with unlimited space for me to use as my workplace. It is in a spare bedroom, which is laughingly referred to as my office.
I am happy as a clam in my “office” except for the fact that I now must unload the dozens of boxes it took to move the stuff from the former desk. Give me some months and a helper now and then and I may have things in place by spring.
My bookcases have always been a different problem. The cases themselves are not too bad. There are three units, ceiling to floor. My husband built them for me as a birthday gift, and I treasure them. They once held hundreds of books, now depleted by adult children who have taken some to their homes. The book count is down but there are still enough to present moving problems. The bookcases, when empty, are fairly easy to carry. The books, however, are another matter. Not only are they heavy, but each one required dusting. This, Adele, the book lover, did after which she replaced them on the shelves.
The dressers, minus drawers, were also fairly easy to carry over. The drawers were transported without ever having been unpacked. I did find that they were put back in the wrong order, making it fairly difficult to find items like clean underwear and socks. One of these days I’ll request that someone move them around.
Clothes were taken out of closets and carried over in an ingenious way. Two of the girls took down a shower rod, hung everything on it, and carried it like tribesmen bringing in the day’s hunt – over their shoulders fore and aft.
If there are super things I now have they are multiple closet space, and twice as much cupboard space in the kitchen, not to mention lots more countertop. My last kitchen was too small for even one person to navigate. This morning I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the new layout.
The dishes are being transferred today. I can’t remember some of the items I have and hope the girls will be able to use and remove the excess. The collection of Tupperware is awesome. It’s all the most expensive of their wares. There was a lady who lived in a former neighborhood who sold Tupperware as a way of making ends meet. A group of us formed a Tupperware club. We met once a month at her home and each of us bought one piece. By the end of the year, she had a fairly good profit and we all owned more Tupperware than we needed. We did, however, own some of the more spectacular plastic goodies.
Not only do I still have most of what I bought, I also saved almost every margarine container I ever bought. I could have cooked for 50 more years and never produced enough leftovers to fill them all. With the proper prodding, I bit the bullet and threw almost everything out.
The job of getting totally settled will take a while longer. Somewhere in between I’ll have to acknowledge Christmas. Happy Holidays and pray for peace.
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