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With Halloween a recent memory, can Christmas be far behind? Thanksgiving pops up somewhere in the middle, but who cares? In this time of carbohydrate terrorism and too many people without any carbs to fret about, it all seems unimportant. Grab a turkey sandwich, (without bread) and be thankful for that much.
Halloween has become very weird. Not only are the costumes sci-fi movie and TV spin-offs – they are manufactured, in the main, for adults.
I was all prepared to hit the first 35 year-old X-man in the head with a plastic jack-o-lantern. Nobody, not even the usual adorable two year old ghost, showed up. I ended up eating the Kit Kat bars and suffering my own “trick” consequences. I sat singing a few bars of “Where Have All the Children Gone?”
Gone to school and private parties, I would surmise. Big score for those people wanting to terrorize us. A uniquely childhood fun and games holiday seems to have gone underground.
Friends from other countries have always been surprised that American Halloween has been a holiday for children. Around the world it’s been a big day for adults with everything from the ritual in Mexico where Tio Juan’s bones have been dug up, cleaned and polished, to swinging soirees for grown-ups.
Well, I’ve always liked our traditional Halloweens, even bobbing for apples of which I lived in terror, lest I knock out a front tooth. I enjoyed myself even more when my kids were young enough to dress up and bring home bags of candy from which their father and I would liberate all the good bars.
When my four were grown, I loved answering the door to be greeted by all sizes of spooky children. It was great fun, pretending to be fainting with fright.
This year, Chuckie indulged one last time in wearing a costume and carrying a pillowcase for loot, even though he doesn’t like most candy. His mother, who over the years has designed and made costumes that could win Tony awards, really knocked herself out for her farewell performance. Not only was Chuckie a showstopper but she dressed herself up in spectacular style. She wasn’t a door to door trick or treater, but there was a costume contest at her workplace for which she won first prize.
She did stop in where the family was gathered and received much applause. All I can say is, if you saw Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, she was he, from head to toe. She was out of this world, from the top of her elaborate Tricorn hat over the wildest, longest black wig ever seen, right down to the bottom of her shining thigh high black boots. She even had painted a small beard and mustache on her face.
Until recently, Miss Halloween Queen would carve pumpkins so gorgeous that people stole them, so she stopped making them. They were a sight to behold, cut in the fashion of ancient Mayan or Aztec gods’ heads.
I guess this is the last year for our family style Halloween, although my daughter-in-law, who every year out-decorates everyone else in sight, will probably continue with her unique lights and special effects. I look forward to her work every year. She also does wonders every Christmas.
There was one spooky moment this year. Driving over to my son’s home at about 7 PM, the streets of the small town in which I live were completely deserted. It was eerie, like being in the middle of a Stephen King movie. If Dracula had suddenly appeared in a doorway, it would have been a real horror trip. Dracula, or Donald Trump.
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