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I can't remember a time when so many issues raged through the public domain. Some of them are, to me, of vital importance. Most are not. Those that are not are occupying center stage at the moment, causing flying furs and feathers, not to mention baubles, bangles, and beads.
It all seemed to start with an award show on TV, which is inundated with award shows, from prize winning dogs to prize winning everything else.
There was a headline grabbing happening at the big football extravaganza where the country's number one team won the coveted Lombardi Trophy. For some reason, or lack thereof, the half time was devoted to a display of dance and music generated by people who never could win an award for good taste or magna talent. The whole show was embarrassing to most viewers, as was proven by the public reaction to a silly moment when a singer's dress was ripped (deliberately) exposing a part of her anatomy, which either shocked or surprised anyone who had returned from the bathroom or kitchen in time to see it. I missed it because I had turned away from the whole spectacle not being a fan of either the dance style or music. I was sitting too far enough away from the set, not yet having my new glasses, to see anything very clearly.
If I hadn't been with people who did see it, I would have learned about it quickly enough the next day, when the incident received more coverage by the press than she had at the end of her number. The fellow who ripped the dress was cad enough to claim he didn't know the dress was rigged to rip when he tugged at it.
The female performer, whose brother has been prominently in the papers due to an arrest, apologized to the world, but didn't save a scheduled performance in a subsequent event. This week, she lost an important movie role. She should have worn a steel bra.
While this was going on, some eyes shifted to the plight of Martha Stewart. Her trial finally started. Since most of us are totally ignorant about the ins and outs of playing around on Wall Street, a lot of print has been given to how the lady's various financial deals were made and played. I have enough trouble balancing my pitiful little bank account without trying to fathom how people do what they do in the stock market.
There's been so much accusing and denying going on; the whole affair has taken on proportions all out of sync with its relative importance. Sure, someone was responsible for shareholders losing money, but in the face of so many people losing bread earning jobs, who cares?
Martha was moved from center stage by two concurrent shows. One is a religious movie causing a lot of comment and controversy. There have been several epic films covering the same topic, but not one has generated so much publicity. I think the earlier films were made during the days when a certain cinematic decorum was insisted upon. In this day and age of anything goes if it's in a violent context, there were less constrictions placed upon the producers of the film. In any event, there's a big flap going on.
In another sidebar, there's a big whoop-dee-doo over who shall marry whom. You want to pick a fight, just walk into a bar and bring up this subject. Enough people will be in there with frazzled nerves because they can't smoke, to fight over anything, even if they don't have an opinion.
In the meantime, is there anyone besides me concerned over the war in Iraq or the cost of gasoline escalating to two dollars a gallon?
The next diversionary move will be the Academy Awards. All week, this has been a primary news event. Last year the Oscars were given out with less ostentation due to hard times. This year, it's back to ostentation - fifty thousand dollar dresses, millions in diamonds, and an extra long red carpet. Is this to honor Governor Schwartzneggar? I hope the paste on the low cut dresses melts, someone steals the diamonds, and it rains on the red carpet.
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