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The other day, I counted the many different places where my daughter has lived during her lifetime. I think I counted accurately at seven states. There were several back and forth moves and several moves to different places in the same state.
She was born in California and lived there until her junior high and high school years in New Jersey. She joined the Army after graduation and immediately was sent to California to learn Russian at the Defense Language Institute, shared by all the services and the State Department. After a year there, she was sent to Texas to study the technical aspects of Military Intelligence.
Her first assignment was in Maryland where she lived in two different towns. After her 4-year hitch, she joined us in Maine where we had moved during her absence. While living in Maine, she attended the University of Maine. After graduation, she married a man whose career was hotel management. Their life involved several moves to different hotels, starting with a hotel in a Chicago suburb. Hotel management is a transient profession. From Illinois she moved to Albany, New York where her first two children were born. A year and a half later she was living in a town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with two very small children.
A few years later, there was another move to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. A few years later, the family rejoined us in Maine. Here, she has moved four times to four different towns, the fourth time to her present address.
Her children adjusted remarkably well to all the moving about and school changes. Chuckie has had to move once, and he, too, handled it very well.
The two older children were able to stay in the same school system from the middle of elementary school through high school, despite changing towns twice. Chuckie has stayed in the same district, but switched schools.
College has brought yet more residential changes in their family, at least for the two eldest. The oldest boy started college locally, but changed his mind and moved to Florida with his fiancée whom he married. They are both planning on attending college down there. His sister enrolled at Rhode Island University, but after finishing the first semester, transferred to her mother's alma mater, UMO.
After spending some time apart, they have all decided that they would much prefer to be together. The only decision left is where that might be.
After listing Adele's various home places, I did my own. There have only been four different States but 13 moves from one town to another and even from one part of town to another. Moving, in our family, has always been an adventure, highly enjoyed, except for the physical act of packing and unpacking. I come by it naturally. Everyone in my family moved about, several because they were in the service, others because they loved the change.
There is much written about people and their fear of change. I believe that there are countless seminars given and all sorts of therapy techniques designed to help people deal with their fear. For us, change is an energizing and exciting experience. We tend to be adventurous, curious, and highly adaptable. In my family, home is where we hang our hats and the hat rack was portable, not rooted in one place.
My husband felt the same way but his family became mired in comfortable affluence, despite his father moving from Michigan to California after graduating from college, and his mother's ancestors having crossed the Oregon Trail in covered wagons from Ohio to Oregon. He, however, took off for Alaska when he graduated from the University and hitched his wagon to mine. Adele and her kids have inherited our Romany ways.
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