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Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, the next big media event is the Oscars Awards which, for some reason, is being held early this year.
The Super Bowl game was one of the best ever played, especially for aficionados of defensive play. This can sometimes be a bore, but, not in this case. There was just enough of an exciting display of offensive play to make it interesting to the very last few seconds.
It was one of those endings where everything hung on a kicker's foot. I wonder how the player on whom everything is focused can stand the strain. I know several of us in the living room couldn't even bear to watch as his shoe met the ball.
The half time happenings were, in my book, a disgrace. I've never watched the MTV Channel, knowing from reading about it that it would not be my cup of tea. I was unaware that the half time at the game would be an MTV event. After the first few minutes of the tasteless show being presented, I knew someone had made a big mistake. Just because you're a football fan you're not necessarily a low life. The grand finale went right past me, as did the entire content of the show. I wasn't paying any attention, just waiting for the second half to begin.
It isn't that I'm a prude, because I am not. I find the so-called music loud and repetitively dull. The lyrics are infantile - like sixth grade boys, failing in English, thinking it funny to be outrageous and shocking, when actually they are being stupid and boring. As for the Jacksons, they seem unable to control letting things hang out in public, whether a baby on a balcony, or some part of their anatomy.
The outcry following the half time incident was almost as ridiculous as the occurrence. Everyone wanted to blame everyone else. The network was pretending to be shocked as if their innocence was betrayed. They didn't know what the show was about? Oh, come on. They acted as if they had hired the Sound of Music and got a Hamburg cabaret by trickery.
Apparently, a good number of watchers were surprised and angry. I hope they were shocked into realizing what their kids are watching on TV, not to mention the lyrics they are hearing on those expensive CDs they're buying with their allowance money. My main objection is the lowering of the taste bar in entertainment readily available to impressionable youngsters. Good grief, how can we expect teachers to impart a love of intelligent language and beautiful music and art, when even toddlers are bombarded with garbage?
It isn't as if a football game is a cultural pastime. No one, not even the most ardent fan would claim it is. While decrying violence, people, including me, will sit and watch a gladiatorial contest where young men knock each other about while tossing a ball around. It's the same thing where and whenever human contact sports are involved.
Hockey is another so-called sport where blood and teeth fly around the arena. What's the famous saying, "I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out"? Right now, a new movie is being shown where the game is wrapped in patriotism, as if we are being primed to stimulate a war like mindset. Maybe it's time to revive the ancient method of settling disputes on playing fields instead of fighting full-scale wars. Chinese warlords carried this to an ultimate high by playing chess. Let's see how it could go. Each country selects its finest professional athletes in a game decided by popular vote. The games would be played in superdomes and tickets would be sold, along with TV rights. Best three out of five games would decide the winners. Half time events would be competitions between marching bands from the participating countries.
The game winners and losers would have to pull back into their own corners and behave in accord with international law. After both teams gave each other a high five, of course.
During the year, Olympics could go on, with a bit less hoopla, with American style football saved for major would-be combatants in the World Super Bowl held on New Year's Eve. What great game parties there would be!
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