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My phone is in my left hand. I am having a conversation with Chuckie, who is talking to me while watching TV. This means there are long pauses between sentences. It isn't easy holding one's own while some Transformers are waging a battle while changing from one thing to another. Anyone who knows a nine year old boy knows what this means.
There's no denying that there's a world of wonder out there about which I would know nothing if I didn't have access to the very young. When my kids were little I could enjoy the tales of Winnie the Pooh and other terrific books. I read so many favorites, so often; I can still recite them from indelible memory.
TV was not such a big deal in those days, but I loved Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Rogers. Sadly, both are gone. In the past few years I've had the opportunity to meet the Teletubbies. The other day while surfing the channels I came across those four whatevers again. They are as adorable as ever and I regret not having the excuse for watching them. They have had to retire as Chuckie has moved into outer space wars.
These days, I am absorbed once more in adventures in outer space. The only expensive technology to which I have never objected is our involvement with space travel. From Alan Shepard and John Glenn to the little robot on Mars.
Today, for the first time, the incredible little machine has started moving across the rocky Martian terrain and sent pictures in color, and 3D. I wish I had a direct connection to the little machine.
Of course, to Chuckie and his generation, none of this is terribly exciting. They live with more fantastic outer space activities than NASA can offer. My problem is trying to keep up, even just a little, with Chuckie's games and toys.
TV games are beyond me. I'm just not fast enough to keep from being killed in the first five minutes. There was one game I found interesting. It was about a trip of the Titanic with a terrorist aboard with a bomb. The object of the game was to identify him and thwart his evil plans. Naturally, I failed on both counts, but did enjoy watching the computerized animated people moving about the beautiful ship.
Computer games and board games are not my thing. Chess and regular checkers have always eluded me. A five-year-old child can defeat me on either board, and often has. Oddly enough, I'm good at Chinese checkers and I can't figure out why. Maybe it's the marbles that shake my brain. I used to be a marbles champion in the days when the game was played in the dirt.
I've always detested Monopoly, probably because you have to have a Donald Trump mindset to play it. Dealing with real estate and handling large amounts of money just doesn't appeal to me. I've known people who play it with a vengeance, enjoying every move of acquisition and greed. There was a fifth grade teacher in my kids' school, who never traveled anywhere without her Monopoly board. She never married because she couldn't find anyone who could out deal her, or put up with her cutthroat attitude when playing.
There was a board game I loved. It was a version of Scrabble with more letter tiles available so larger words could be used. My husband and I really enjoyed the game, even though things were slowed down a bit by his problems with spelling. He possessed a huge vocabulary but couldn't spell worth a darn. This even extended to his own name. Every time he painted "Anderson" on our mailbox he would omit the "r".
He had a strange problem with crossword puzzles, which are my favorite pastime after reading. His knowledge of all subjects was awe inspiring but he objected strenuously to the way puzzle makers resorted to puns or other gimmicks. Ask him a question and you would get a straight, literal answer. Anything else he dismissed as tomfoolery. He was a great reference work, however, knowing little things like the word, "yurt" for a Mongolian text.
Funny how minds work - or don't as the case may be. Roger was an excellent card player and good at everything from Old Maid to Bridge. I can handle cards as far as Whist and then the curtain comes down. Chuckie has a card game involving Pokemon, Japanese cartoon characters. I can't even keep up with the language involved in the rules. When it comes to any new, space age game, just deal me out.
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