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Christmas is a "wrap", as they say in the movie business, for another year. I didn't decorate this year so I don't have to face the chore of taking everything down and putting it all away.
I don't know why I didn't get around to putting up a tree and decorating the hall with plastic boughs of holly. For some reason, the business of hauling everything out of closets seemed like too much of a chore.
I didn't feel sad or depressed, not a bit, just disinterested. Having Chuckie too far away for anything but infrequent, brief visits probably made all the difference. Everyone else in the family decorated with a vengeance with enough Christmas lights to make their homes look like the Las Vegas strip. Visiting them made it unnecessary for me to do my place.
I spent Christmas Eve with one group and Christmas Day with the other, and had a wonderful time at both places. At each place there is a dog I love, who loves me, which meant I was happily slobbered over and kissed - a lot. There was a certain amount of hugging and kissing from the human element, which I also enjoyed.
Watching Chuckie and the animals enjoy their gifts was a hoot. Otis, the Bull Mastiff and big baby had several packages, which he unwrapped one by one, taking each object carefully over to a place in the corner of the room. When he had them in a pile, he lay down on the floor on top of them. Later he put them all away in his toy box.
Bonnie, the Jack Russell Terrier had one present under her tree. She, too, opened it, took out the stuffed animal, and carried it carefully to her doggie bed-in-a-basket. When I arrived she was told to get her new "baby" and show it to me. She carried it into the kitchen, allowed me to see it and fuss over it, then took it back and put it to bed.
It's great to have a nine year old on the premises. Everyone had a good time buying him kid's stuff. When you're 19 and 20, it's fun to have an excuse to fool around with a young kid's toys. He received a plastic tub full of Lego's, enough to build a plastic metropolis. He has some sort of Lego equipment, which can be, put into a computer and somehow make a Lego movie. I, of course, do not understand how or why this works. Heck, I can't even snap Lego's together properly. All I can do is marvel at the many things Chuckie can create. I never could manage to do anything creatively with my brother's Erector Sets or Lincoln Logs.
Chuckie also received something I did find wonderful - a huge action figure. It's Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, riding a creature looking like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Luke and his strange steed were involved in all sorts of capers on the living room rug and, big as it is, were carried off to Chuckie's bed.
I ate dinner with two, one foot high GI Joe's standing guard at the edge of my plate. They were dressed in scary combat uniforms, carrying very scary guns. Their eyes are bright blue and their expressions fierce. It was a bit unnerving.
One of my gifts is also unnerving. Maybe you've seen the Singer electric scissors advertised on TV. They run on batteries and it's going to take a bit of practice before I will be able to use them with the speed and ease demonstrated in the commercial. I use scissors quite a bit and look forward to learning how to zip out these shears and use them without cutting off the tips of my fingers. Did I hear someone say, "Lots of luck, Madame Clumsy?"
In a recent column I mentioned the lost art of journal keeping. Well, what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a gift of a beautiful hard cover journal and special pen. It's a bit intimidating. The pages are rich paper, pristine white, unlined and just waiting to be used. It's like a bare canvas waiting for the artist's first stroke. So far I've entered the temperature yesterday. Fifty degrees on Christmas Day in Maine seemed to warrant a mention. At least, it's an opening line, and in my dull life, a "happening."
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