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I think you have been able to discern that I've become something of a shut-in. If shut-in means that you can't get further than your dooryard without a great deal of help, then that's what I am.
I haven't driven a car since who can remember when. I hobbled around on Canadian crutches until I ruined the nerves in both hands and had to have operations. After that I switched to a walker with success, and even greater success after a very kind friend gave me one with four wheels and a pull down seat.
For years I did well using the walker which folded easily when I went someplace in a car. It wasn't too difficult to transport, folding easily and fitting nicely into the trunk of every car and being fairly light weight didn't hurt anyone's back.
When I was deluged by TV commercials showing people zipping merrily around on little battery operated scooters, They were shown going in and out of resturants, stores, crossing streets, playing with children - doing all sorts of fun things. One day, a scooter salesman showed up at my door. My daughter had called the number on the TV screen and set me up.
Naturally, I bought one. The cost was high because I was assured that I wouldn't qualify for any help with the purchase. Which wasn't true but that's another story.
Prior to this I had been using the electric shopping carts in stores. They are wonderful, especially if the store has been set up with enough room for their use. Learning how to maneuver sharp turns going up and down aisles was a bit tricky but I only had one problem. I ran into a display unit holding the small nameplates you buy to put on your child's bicycle. Nothing was breakable but they were all metalic and made a terrible noise. Everyone nearby laughed, so I laughed too. I would have taken a bow if I could have jumped in and out of the cart.
At home, learning to live with the thing wasn't easy and I have dents and marks all over the place, including on my arms, elbows and legs to prove it.
I didn't use it very much at first, but shortly after getting it I had a bad twist in one hip that prevented me from walking and since then I've come to rely on the scooter exclusively, being grateful that I have it.
The trouble is, I don't dare go any place just in case I have a problem and get stuck. With my history of bizarre happenings I don't want to take any chances. If something happens inside the house I have one of those wonderful Rosscare Life Line buttons which really works, trust me. At any rate, my trips to the outside world have become limited.
I do have a wheelchair, but just can't bring myself to suggest using it. Yesterday, however, my three old buddies with whom I have lunched for years called me up and invited me for lunch. They came over, plunked me in the wheelchair, tossed me into the car and away I went, happy as could be.
They did something terribly kind - took me on a tour of the town where I used to work. So much has changed, yet so much is the same. I had the chance to visit some of the people with whom I worked at the paper and finally had the chance to meet the young man who has helped me fight the dragons - the computers.
All in all, it was a wonderful day. There's nothing better than being with people you love.
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