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Can you believe it? Here I am, back at the desk in my office, starting to work with yet another computer, my third. You’ve heard of Buffy the vampire slayer - well meet Jinny the computer killer.
The first computer I had, I accepted reluctantly, as a gift from my son in Saratoga, New York. He had bought a brand new machine and decided to send me his old one.
It seemed to work. The only problems were my inability to deal with it, not surprising considering my ineptitude when dealing with anything electronic. There were many frantic calls for help to my daughter and the wonderful young man who works at the paper, and who, unluckily has to deal with me and my column.
Somehow, I managed to learn how to handle the business of writing and sending my stuff successfully. I also learned how to cope with e-mailing and ordering my movies from Netflix, the best thing since sliced bread.
Just when I was beginning to feel secure about using the machine, it died. It quite literally froze - wouldn’t do a thing. No computer CPR would bring it back to life.
An S.O.S. brought a response from my daughter’s friend who is a computer genius who supplied me with a reconstituted Apple, a big, heavy machine about ten years old.
This worked fine for several months until I started having keyboard trouble, followed by another total shutdown. I am almost convinced that I am killing these machines with my malevolent feelings and bad vibes.
It would make a good Stephen King story - you know, woman found face down in her keyboard, dead as a doornail, with a message on the monitor. “Couldn’t take it anymore” signed Mac.
There’s an awfully nice gentleman who writes me letters, commiserating with my feelings about using an electronic keyboard. We agree that there is nothing that can beat a standard typewriter. He, happily, has one. I am envious. I used to be an excellent typist. Fast and accurate. That was because I was a key pounder. Now I am stuck with keys that register an impression if you breathe on them. I also have a finger lag that manages to hit the k key just about every other word. My typing looks Slovakian. which I just typed with three K’s.
I think I’d better stop right here. This is my maiden voyage on this machine and I don’t want to scare it to death.
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