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It’s been a while since I’ve had a prolonged visit with a young person but last Sunday Chuckie showed up prepared to spend a week with me. I was delighted.
He has spent the night with me on occasion but this would be the time during
which he was having a spring vacation from school and since his mother works he
opted to spend his free time with me.
Although I do have a two bedroom apartment, one room is designated as my office with large desk, computer, file cabinets and an antique wicker baby crib filled with stuffed animals, so there’s no room for a bed for company.
There’s a perfectly logical explanation for the crib, although it does sound as if I’ve become wackier than ever. The crib I found years ago, hanging from the ceiling of a used furniture storehouse. It was a gem and the price tag said $2.00 so I bought it. Three of my babies were in it until they needed a full sized crib, and a couple of grandchildren. When it was retired from family use, I kept it much to my husband’s chagrin because he had to hang it from a rafter in the garage and complained that he was always hitting his head on it. Later on I took it down and put stuffed animals in it.
I am an unabashed animal lover and would have always had a private zoo if I had been a billionaire. As it was, the house overflowed with pets. Over the years,
especially since I can no longer deal with animal care, people have kindly indulged me and I have often indulged myself, with the acquisition of stuffed animals and I have a delightful collection of them. They look wonderful cuddled together in the wicker crib.
Which explains why there’s no spare bed for Chuckie. He’s a resourceful and uncomplaining kid and worked out a good solution to the problem. He hauled a single bed mattress from his house - a spare left over from the many moves from dorm to apartment made by his sister. It has a sheet on it and slides right under my bed when not in use. He shows up with lots of equipment. There’s always a bag of food because he’s a very finicky eater and I seldom have anything he likes. Of course he does love pizza and there’s a special routine he enjoys. The local nearby pizza house has just started delivering and Chuckie really likes calling up and giving the orders. He also likes paying the delivery person, especially giving him a check for a tip. I think it must feel like a rite of passage when a man can be
in charge of handling the pizza business. This is why I’ve always let him pay the bill with a credit card whenever we’ve gone out for lunch.
He does bring things he will eat and is very good about preparing his own meals, especially if cans are involved. That’s because he’s intrigued by the can opener I was given. It’s one of those offered on TV where you just lay the opener on top of the can and push a button. From then on it’s automatic, you don’t have to touch it except to remove the top which comes off easily with no jagged edges. It works like a dream and it’s one of Chuckie’s favorite things.
An important part of his baggage are his Star War action figures and equipment. These are fabulous and I’m always glad to see them. He must have about 50 soldiers each with the most amazing equipment. I haven’t seen any Star Wars
movies since the first one but I can tell I must have missed some exciting action. Every one of the pieces is articulated and does something. I am reminded of the great armies in miniature we had when our boys were kids. They were all were all of historical value so with each set there were many history lessons which never diminished the fun. Interestingly enough, each child, including their sister grew up to be an ardent history buff, but not militarist in the group.
We were able to find a TV channel with oldie but goodie cartoons. I’m always
harassing him about those horrific modern Japanese cartoons which I am convinced are part of a calculated plot to destroy the minds of America’s young.
We had a wonderful time with Popeye, Yogi Bear, Bugs Bunny and their ilk. We also had a good time with Sherlock Holmes which he has discovered in his mother’s collection of all the stories.
In all, it was a good visit and he was very helpful - hanging a ceiling lamp, repairing a chair, taking out all the garbage, picking up his battlefields so I could drive through in my scooter, not to forget cooking three casseroles per my instruction, with a few touches of his own. I was really sorry to see him and all his luggage leave. It’s been pretty dull around here since he left.
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