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It’s not even spring and suddenly, the family fledglings are leaving the home
nest one after the other. Some have already gone and others are getting set to go. Two grandsons and one granddaughter have made their moves.
One of the boys married a school time sweetheart and they are living happily in Florida where he is a golf pro and she is attending college. They have a nice apartment, two cats and a dog. They’ve already experienced two hurricanes and a tornado, none of which caused anything but heavy rain and some wind in the area in which they live, even though they are right on the coast in the Florida panhandle. Each time there’s a weather problem anywhere near them I’m a wreck, sitting glued to the weather channel on TV. That’s because I experienced two hurricanes. No tornadoes, thank goodness, just minor earthquakes and a big atomic bomb test explosion. I have this thing about rampages of nature and mankind.
The other boy, who loves snow sports, moved, with a friend to Colorado just after Thanksgiving and before the first big Colorado blizzard. He wanted snow and he got it. There was not enough to dampen his enthusiasm. He and his buddy, being good Maine boys happily helped everyone in their neighborhood dig out. I gather they spend every spare moment snowboarding on Colorado’s great ski slopes.
One of the girls, married, moved with her husband and their beloved dog to Delaware, of all places, where her husband’s company transferred him. The company moved them and they are living in a lovely apartment in an almost hotel-like compound, complete with restaurant, store, gymnasium, elevators and a doorman. The best part is her husband can walk to work and come home for lunch. The dog, took to the good life right away and, apparently, is a favorite among their neighbors. They are planning on requesting assignment to Boston when his Delaware stint is over.
The other two girls are inveterate travellers. They’ve both been to Europe, California, and Florida, all before graduating from high school. One will graduate from UMO in May, the other in December. It’s now spring break. One is spending one week in Florida and one week in Delaware with her sister and brother-in-law and the dog. The other spent one week in San Diego and, now is scuba diving in Key Largo, Florida.
Their next moves are all planned. The scuba diver is set to move to San Diego where several people with whom she went to high school are living. She is definitely an ocean person. She loves the climate there, which is always cited as the best in the country. The great zoo is also an attraction. She will have a degree in fine arts and has found there are many museums and art galleries in the area, many offering jobs to people like her.
The other girl will have a degree in public relations and marketing. She is interested in working for non profit organizations. While she is finishing her senior year she will be working as an intern at United Way and has applied to PETA, the animal rights group for future employment. A girl after my own heart.
I marvel at the initiative and courage displayed by so many of today’s kids. All of the youngsters in my family have worked steadily at jobs since the age of 15. They have all worked out the complex business of getting student loans and scholarships. If anyone thinks it’s easy to go to college and work at the same time it’s because they never did it.
All the trips they’ve made have been paid for by them with monies they have
saved. They have paid for cars and all pay their own car insurance. They have managed to live in shared apartments and have had to learn responsibility for the cost of living the hard way. They all have some friends lucky enough to have parents willing and able to pay for their every need, but there are many who have to do it themselves. What I think is great is the fact that they do not get discouraged and they pursue their dreams.
Katy, in San Diego, was telling her mother about driving in a car with a Maine
license plate and having people honk their horns and shout things like Maine is great, Maine is beautiful, and the biggest current compliment, Maine Rocks!
I want to add, and so do Maine kids.
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