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Right now, I feel as secure as someone who has been swept overboard without a life jacket. I am typing this on a different computer, not new just different. The one I’ve been using the gift from my son, gave up the ghost two weeks ago, apparently the victim of a severe virus. I am now using an Apple machine, a gift from my daughter. I have been told it will be much more user friendly than the other one. The poor thing will have to be with me at the keyboard.
The installation was done by a kind young man who had to return to his dorm at the University before he had the chance to set up my program. Adele, who was helping him and the person who had set me up on the previous computer, had to leave to oversee Chuckie’s homework. She will be back this coming weekend.
I, in the meantime, have been trying to find my own way and I think I’ve figured how to write and send this to the paper. If you get this before a back up column from Adele, it will mean I’ve had some small success. What do I mean a small success? It will be a victory comparable to Alexander’s crossing the highest mountains.
I wish I knew why I have so many electronic mishaps. Last week, in addition to my computer’s demise I had trouble with my cordless telephone. I refuse to get
a cell phone for many reasons not the least of which is because all my family members have them and they are constant problems. My cordless phones, on the
other hand, only are problems when the electricity goes out and then, I have a traditional wall phone that works.
So, last week strange things started happening. My phone would ring and no one would be on the line. I know all about telemarketers, so would wait the four
seconds and then hang up. The reason I doubted that this was my problem was the fact that the phone would immediately ring again. I had no trouble calling out and I was able to learn that others were experiencing difficulties calling me. They would hear me saying Hello several times but couldn’t make themselves heard by me.
My son said he could hear me swearing at one point in exasperation, to which I confess. My exasperation knew no bounds until I called the phone company. All I wanted them to do was trouble shoot my line. Have you called the phone company lately? They have at least five menus with at least five options on each one, not one if which will get you someone who will hear your problem, which is not
covered by any option. I finally pushed the 0 button which got me an operator who connected me to a service representative who, after an interminale time listening to some New Wave music, came on the line and switched me to a technician who checked the line, came back and said the problem must be with my phone which probably needed a new battery.
Okay, I accepted this until the next morning when my phone rang and when I
picked it up the person on the line could hear me loud and clear. I ran a few tests, having people call me and each time everything was fine and still is.
This, after two weeks of trouble. Yesterday, I wanted an answer from my computer supplier, the same phone company.
I wanted to know if I had been connected after changing computers. They said
yes, so my next question was why was I having difficulty getting into e-mail. I had checked to make sure that the person with whom I was talking was a bonafide computer expert and he said he was so I took it from there.
It turned out he didn’t have an answer but advised me that I should take the computer somewhere and get it checked out. I refused to even consider this and just kept fooling around until I worked it all out. I think. If this gets to the newspaper office when I’m through it will mean I stumbled on the right routine.
I’m looking forward to getting everything programmed. If I can handle the column and get Netflix I’ll be happy. In the meantime, there’s something really endearing I’ve learned. Every hour, on the hour, it gently chimes the time, like a grandfather’s clock. I might be able to learn to love this machine.
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