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Today. I must tell you that this is probably not going to be a very long column. This is because it’s one of those wintery days when I’m having a great deal of trouble staying awake; which is the result of having one of those wintery nights when I had trouble being warm enough to stay asleep for very long.
In an effort to keep my electric bill within a payable range I’ve had to keep my thermostat at a minimal reading. During the day, while moving around, I can stay warm by wearing about three layers of clothes. Going to bed requires three levels of blankets and comforters under which I feel so claustrophobic I awaken after about two hours convinced I’ve been buried alive. I have to get up and stay awake for a bit to reassure myself I’m not the victim of a horror movie.
Last night was very cold and I had a terrible eight hours of getting up and down. While up I sat, in a coat, under a comforter, and read until I fell asleep over the book and had to fall back in bed for the next hour and a half of misery. This is all by way of explaining why I can’t sit still today without nodding off, so I have to write this before falling asleep with my face in the keyboard.
Yesterday was a good day because I learned something that made me happy.
I know I’ve mentioned my constant need to police my nutritional; intake to avoid any food that contains salt, sugar, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. I’ve eaten myself into this corner and now have to pay for past indulgences. I am not responsible however, for the holes chewed in my digestive tract by bugs in bad water which means I can’t have salads. You have to admit, my allowable edibles are somewhat limited.
Thank goodness for the laws which mandate the printing on all foods which lists the nutritional content and more thanks for the really large numbers of items which have limited the really dangerous stuff. Fortunately, I really love oatmeal, have never used sugar in or on food and don’t mind the substitutes used in cooking, like skimmed milk, have always hated fat and fatty food and prefer fish to meat.
If a product says No Sugar, I buy it and there are really a great many things on the market these days with those two words on the package. I’m very grateful for pasta I can buy which is a product from Italy. The Italians use a different flour which means it says cholesterol zero on the wrapping. I make my own sauce, roman style with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and no sugar.
You know, red wine contains a cancer fighter, so it’s possible to enjoy a good Italian dinner without getting into too much trouble. Forget mozzerella sticks, parmesan or romano cheese, garlic bread and connoli, and, of course, lasagna. Oh well, half a dinner is better than none.
So, what made me happy yesterday? It was a report that three foods I love are great destroyers of cholesterol. They are artichokes, squash and shrimp.
I was so thrilled I spent part of my sleepless time planning next Sunday’s dinner. There will be a big plate of artichoke leaves and hearts, a bowl of squash, and a platter of shrimp with a glass or two of red wine. Come to think of it, this menu will be great for Superbowl Sunday and maybe ease some of the pain because the Patriots won’t be playing.
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