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Christmas is over, New Year’s Day has come and gone, so what’s left? Time to take down the tree and glitter and wait for the Super Bowl. I didn’t watch the Rose Bowl game but I never miss the parade. I still wonder at the incredible work done with flowers.
Chuckie watched with me and his favorite display was the Star Wars float. I couldn’t get over the man who flew with the power pack on his back. I remember when my daughter was in the sixth grade when the father of one of her classmates came to her school with the flying back pack he had developed and flew all over the school yard - literally flew over the yard. His outfit seemed miraculous but it is like the Wright brothers first plane by comparison with the current models. I guess the dream of everyone buzzing around like bees instead of driving commute cars is still alive and well.
I enjoyed the holidays. People were very kind to me. Included in my gifts were two items I had seen on TV and had seriously thought of buying. One is a battery operated can opener. I have never had good luck with automatic can openers so have been using the one that astronauts were said to have used in space. The opener and Tang both sold well after such disclosures. I am sure, however that no astronauts suffered from arthritis which makes their opener very hard to use. I am happy to report that the one being sold today on TV works like a charm and I would suggest that NASA buy a couple.
The other item that also works as touted is the bathtub and shower cleaning device that shoots cleaner all over both. In the ad it is taking the place of a platoon of cleaning women. It too, does what it promises, thereby eliminating one of the worst back busters in housekeeping. It’s really very clever. After you push the go button it beeps for 10 seconds allowing you time to get out of its way before it starts.
As a gadget lover I’ve been pretty careful about buying them by mail and will never use my computer, refusing to give any credit card information, particularly if they insist upon this method of purchasing. The sellers always say the product is not available in stores but this is often untrue because that’s where I’ve found a few.
One such is a spaghetti cooking pot with a colander lid. Typical of my ineptness, I’ve never been able to get the lid on or off properly - until New Year’s Eve when Chuckie decided to make himself some macaroni and cheese and used the pot perfectly. He taught me how to deal with the lid. I’ve had the pot for at least five years and have never used it right.
Other products I’ve seen on TV and have bought and loved are the Swiffer tools. No more brooms or dust mops and no more buckets and floor mops and certainly, no more trying to reach the top bookshelf for dusting.
I truly believe these new, wonderful household aids have been developed since more men have assumed fuller partnerships in household domestic affairs. Leave it to a man to find a better, easier way to do something. Why do you think we have remote control for TV? It makes it possible for a man to lie on a couch and switch from one game to another. To which I shout Bravo. To a handicapped person a remote control is a Godsend.
The one other gadget I want is the handy chopper that will cut up everything from a hard apple to a soft tomato. I know this works because a woman on TV bought one, used it so successfully she gave one to every member of the audience. This will be a great adjunct to my food processor which I’ve had and used well for years so I’ll have to ask family members to hunt for one in the store that sells the can opener.
I don’t know what else 2007 will bring, but I know I’ll be happy opening cans and cleaning the shower and tub.
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