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Time to change the dateline in my checkbook to 2007. I predate about twenty of them to avoid being wrong. It doesn’t seem possible to be this far from all the hullabaloo when 2000 rolled around.
It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas came and went so quickly and quietly. There were quite a few changes in the family during the last weeks of December. One branch, that has been living in a happy communal group for the past 28 years has been going through the process of first time breaking up with the resultant empty nest syndrome.
The eldest child, a daughter and her husband have been living in an apartment over the garage of the big house they all shared, have been transferred to Delaware by his company and they will be leaving in a week, taking with them their dog, a much loved part of the family.
The next child down the line, a son, moved the day after Thanksgiving to start a new life in Colorado. The third, and youngest, will start the last semester in college in January and she is living in an apartment with three roommates.
This leaves their parents living in a big five bedroom house with an Olympic sized swimming pool and a three car garage, all of which is too much space and maintenance, so they are moving into a two bedroom apartment. They have mixed feelings, of course. The youngest will be home on weekends, and that’s good.
I guess many of us can remember how it felt when the fledglings took off for their own nests. Some of mine left temporarily and returned occasionally. The reunions would be happy until the time when it was apparent that every one needed his or her own living space. The initial adjustment from a multiply membered group to just two takes a little getting used to, but if the last two still care enough about each other, it becomes a really good thing.
I am sharing some of the sad feelings of separation. These kids have been living close to me for years and I adore them. While a great believer in going out into the world on your own when the time comes, I would prefer that this time had come a bit later than sooner. I’m also a bit jealous because my time to do the same is long past.
So, I face a New Year that will be different in many ways. I still have Adele, Chuckie and Katie nearby, thank goodness. Katie will graduate from college in May and then go to graduate school. Chuckie just turned 12 in October so I’m hoping he’ll be around and choose to go to college in the area. Adele’s oldest son is married and living in Florida so I’m used to having him away.
It’s the time of year for observance of the custom of making New Year’s resolutions. I can’t remember a single one I made last year and I’m positive I didn’t keep any. I know I’m not size 8. I just learned today that I have to be more careful of my diabetes two diet, so there’s one resolution I feel fairly certain I will keep. While I avoid all sugar, with success, I am a carbohydrate junkie and that’s not good.
I think the world’s greatest comfort food is mashed potatoes, in all its varieties. Just this morning I learned a new variation which includes adding sour cream and chives before mashing. It’s the way I always have eaten baked potatoes but I never thought about doing mashed potatoes the same way. I was all set to have a go at it this evening when someone came by to give me my flu shot and also checked my blood sugar. Whoops.
So, no more potatoes and only one slice of toast for breakfast. I have found some Italian rolls that have no cholesterol and no carbs and no sugar, so occasionally I can have a sandwich without mayonnaise or salad dressing or cheese. I guess the filling will have to be a thin slice of tomato.
I’m also resolved to keep my desk neat. I’ll have to start this tomorrow as it’s now 3 AM and I’ve also resolved to try to sleep at night and stop dozing off all day.
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