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After spending a frazzling weekend with my family I’ve decided that I definitely should have spent my life breeding and raising Newfoundland dogs rather than human beings. I know there are many mothers with worse problems than mine but this is no comfort. We should all have raised dogs.
I am also convinced there is no more difficult job in the world than being a mother. If Ms. Rice thinks she has troubles racing around in the Middle East trying to deal with those people she should try dealing with a brood of kids.
I had a good conversation on Friday with a charming lady in Massachusetts who works for the company that is my computer provider, or whatever you call the company that hooks you up with the outside world. Fortunately, I wasn’t speaking to someone in Bombay, India or we couldn’t have maintained our blossoming friendship.
We didn’t start out too well because her first question to me was, did my new computer have an OS 10? A what? What the heck did that mean? I can barely turn the thing off and on, much less know any computer babble.
You will notice, please, the reference to my new computer. She did not mean the one I received two weeks ago, but the one I will receive on Saturday.
Yes, I who would proudly announce that I will be the last person on the planet without a computer, now have two. The first, a gift from a son in Albany, the second a gift from my daughter living one town away.
I’ve decided to keep the one my daughter gave me, for several reasons, the main one being that I know it is described as user friendly which the first one definitely is not. This machine I will give to my daughter who is a computer whiz and appreciates all the foolish and, to me, useless functions it provides. Donna. (the name of the helpful lady. We were quickly on a first name basis), Assured me that the switch could be made.
She was on her lunch hour and we were getting along like old buddies. We covered a lot of subjects an discovered we had much in common, including a love of movies, which led to my advising her to join Netflix, the movie rental deal which is the only good thing I’ve become involved with since getting the computer. Well, that’s not strictly true - being able to look at dozens of pictures of Hugh Jackman and Errol Flynn is petty cool too.
We exchanged personal information about our families. She has one daughter and two sons. Her daughter, like mine, is her good personal friend.
We discussed some of the problems raising boys. All in all, we were happy with our offspring. We finally said our goodbyes.
If I had known what was to transpire the next day we could have talked for another hour. It started when I called my oldest son in Albany, the one who had sent me the computer. Mind you, I had neither wanted nor asked for it and thought it was rather sweet of him to send it. I wanted to tell him about the surprise gift from his sister and ask him if he objected to my trading for the one with which she had surprised me. He said it was fine with him and, no, he didn’t want me to send it back and the trade was fine.
Everything seemed okay, but suddenly, the conversation took a fast u-turn into one of his holier than thou, infinitely superior lectures we’ve all experienced since he was knee high to the professor in My Fair Lady. It focused on me and the way in which I conduct my affairs.
Whoa Nellie. Talk about a gift with strings attached. You can bet I won’t be sending any Emails to Albany in the near future.
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