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I’m writing this with a new keyboard my son sent me. The first one had a problem that rendered the computer fairly useless. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t manage to produce the @ symbol. Even I know this is the most important symbol on the keyboard. Without it, you can’t write an e-mail address since just about everything and everyone is at someplace. At least I know this one works having just used it. Hooray.
In the meantime, I am in the midst of yet another domestic problem, which is, at the moment in the process of being solved. This one is electrical and couldn’t have occurred at a worse time. For the past five days my refrigerator has been on the blink. The freezer was working, but the rest of it was dead.
The apartment manager was away and the outfit that owns the place was not to be found, so nothing happened until today. I had to stop writing this in order to supervise the loading up of the new frig which was just delivered.
It didn’t take very long. I had to throw so much ruined food away the old thing was practically empty.
The manager asked me if I believed in ghosts. So many bizarre things have been happening to me lately he’s beginning to think there may be a poltergeist in the place. I’m wondering if I should look up an exorcist in the yellow pages.
As I gazed gratefully on my new appliance, I began thinking about other refrigerators I have loved and lost - not through repossion but because of moving from place to place. Every one of them I had carefully chosen and bought and believe me, shed a tear when leaving them behind.
My absolute favorite was the side by side numbers. Even though my husband was right when he pointed out that they didn’t hold as much as the standard freezer on the top or bottom I still preferred them. The only other model I ever wanted was my daughter’s model with the icemaker in the door. It was so great never having to wrestle with ice trays and it was heaven to be able to get a glass of ice water by just pressing the dispenser in the door. Sadly, she had to leave it behind when she moved.
Did you ever stop to add up the total amount you’ve spent over the years on replacement appliances? I’d be afraid to. Between built in obsolescence and moving from place to place I’m sure it would be a staggering amount. If you were to add in the monies paid for various vehicles you might feel suicidal. The only couple I know who might not feel too bad would be my son and daughter-in-law. I think they are still using the first washer and dryer they bought years ago. With excellent care and caeful usage, both items are still in excellent working order. They are convinced the first Toyota they bought is still running someplace and they are probably right.
I’m going to stop and and check on the new frig just to be sure it’s running properly. If the poltergeist will keep his hands off it, all may be well.
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