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You’ve heard of the expression, “Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride”, well, that’s the warning I should be issuing right now. It is 3 AM on Sunday morning and I am engaging in combat with the computer for the first time.
Why do I feel like a bungee jumper? How many times have I suffered so much fear and trepidation during my rather wild and crazy life?
Let’s see. There was the first time I ventured into my father-in-laws gold mine which was festooned with bats hanging overhead. The bats didn’t bother me half as much as the fact that I was going underground.
There was my first step into an airplane. Combine the fact that I suffered from claustrophobia and the dread of heights and you have some idea of how I felt that memorable day.
Imagine my dismay when I discovered that I was going to have to ride in a glass elevator in order to reach my room. The room was the Presidential Suite, reserved for me by my son-in-law who managed the place. I certainly wasn’t going to throw a fit, so I had to act like a VIP quite accustomed to zipping up and down the outside of buildings without a care.
You all know me well enough by now to be aware that I can never enter into any endeavor without getting involved in some sort of hassle. To be fair, the problems are seldom of my own making. If I were paranoid I would have been long since convinced that some evil force were after me. I’ll settle for some wacky karma.
This computer deal was no exception. The first problem was that the only people in my life who could put the contraption together had more pressing problems. My son, Bruce, plugged everything the miles of wires into all the right places, but soon discovered that there were other functions with which he is not familiar. He is very happy with his Mac which serves his purposes very well. I am sitting here with a far more complex gismo which will do everything but cook my supper, which is something I would appreciate.
I had signed up with a provider, (is that what they’re called}. So all systems were go, except for the machine’s programming. Listen to me with the Space jargon. You’d think I knew what I was talking about.
Adele, who is really a computer whiz was so busy at work. Where she is currently doing three jobs. Fortunately, she has a friend who is a super whiz bang with electronics and he came over Saturday evening and did the big job. Very fortunately for me, as I had called the company with which I am connected to ask how much they would charge to come over and set me up only to be told the bill would be one hundred and ninety nine dollars.
Dell and my helper left after giving me enough instruction to get this far. Now I have to wait for further instructions in order to send this to the paper, and, ultimately to you.
It is now 6 AM and I have to quit. All in all I haven’t done too badly. A few things came back to me from the years of using a word processor. Good thing I remembered how to delete and correct. If I had been using a typewriter, I would have gone through at least two bottles of whiteout.
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