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I think summer has arrived. If one can consider two days of ninety degree temperatures with the promise of more to come during the next four days as summer weather, then it’s here.
I’m still waiting for my computer to be put together and be made operable. Believe me; I’m not particularly anxious for this to happen. I have this terrible feeling of having surrendered in my fight against the evil forces of technology. If I’ve heard, “Oh, you’ll love it. You’ll never be off it when you get the hang of it,’ once, I’ve heard it at least a dozen times. Read my lips – “I don’t think so.”
I’ve looked around pretty carefully at computer usage by at home users, and except for kids doing homework, I’ve not been impressed. There seem to be more people just goofing off with the thing than people using it as font of knowledge.
There’s no denying the important part a computer plays in certain aspects of modern living. If all the police shows on TV are to be believed, crime fighting has been made raiser. Being able to put a set of fingerprints on the monitor and getting a match from anywhere in the country is certainly a plus. Wouldn’t Sherlock Holmes do back flips?
Enchanting animated films is another biggie. Some of the new movies are absolutely delightful. I saw a preview trailer of an animated flick with dancing penguins that was great. The sequence of a tap dancing fat baby penguin, singing with the voice of Robin Williams has me counting the months until the release in November. I’ve never seen anything more beguiling.
Backdrop creation is another electronic wonder. You could have sworn the film, The Gladiator, had been made with Julius Caesar sitting in a director’s chair on the set, watching the filming, sipping vino and eating grapes. Balance this sort of thing against some of the awful stuff going on and maybe, an assessment can be made of the computer’s real value. There’s a lot going on that presents a real threat to the health, safety, and welfare of millions of kids. Whoever came up with the chatroom will never win a Nobel Prize for contributing anything of value. They might have envisioned two chess masters discussing strategies, but a kid and a child predator, I doubt it.
Now, I will confess to using a computer for something that has added joy to my life. Thanks to my granddaughter, I have joined a movie rental organization that I love.
I am now, and always have been, a movie nut. When I was able to get around, I bought and rented quite a few cassettes to play on my VCR. I would even rent a second VCR in order to tape a film I had rented. I’ve always thought it was OK since the big, red, FBI warning flashed before the movie played seemed only to prohibit charging admission for watching the reproduction.
I’m very fond of my DVD player – a Valentine from my son and daughter-in-law. I wasn’t able to use it very much because I couldn’t get to a movie rental shop. I did join a company that sells DVD’s and bought a few. There aren’t very many films I want to own, but a few I would like to be able to see without having to spend a fortune at a theater.
I recently heard about this wonderful deal for renting movies at a reasonable price and great convenience, all without having to leave home. I had to sign up on Adele’s computer. For very little money, I can rent three films at a time. They will be mailed to me in return mail envelopes at no shipping charges either way. I can keep them as long as I want. The minute the company gets their films back, they send me three new ones.
I had to list movies I will want to see. They suggested I select 100 titles. At the moment, I have come up with 44. At any time I can add new titles and they can be placed anywhere on the list. I selected my first three and received them in three days. When I had seen them, I put each back in its separate mailing envelope and mailed it back. The envelope slid easily into the outgoing mail slot available to me. What a wonderful deal.
In the meantime, I ordered an Errol Flynn DVD anthology from the movie buying outfit. It came beautifully boxed, with a picture of him on the back of the box. This is keeping me company at the table where I eat my meals.
I hope the computer can afford a similar pleasure as my little DVD machine. Maybe the next electronic wonder will produce home holographs and I can have Robin Hood sitting at my table sharing a cup of tea or a flagon of ale.
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