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All afternoon there have been special reports on the local TV channel, warning of an approaching storm. According to the meteorologist in charge, a horrendous rain and wind storm is sweeping up from the south and west, which will dump a lot of rain and hurricane-like winds. There’s a danger of downed electrical lines and trees, which will, of course, cause power outages.
I’m trying to remain calm despite the fact that if the worst scenario takes place I will freeze. Considering how hot under the collar I am right now, the prospect doesn’t seem as bad as it might.
I don’t know how many of you have had trouble with the new prescription drug plan put into motion by the federal government. I am having more than my share of problems.
Wanting to be efficient while handling the enrollment procedures involved, I read the big booklet sent by mail. Like almost all tracts from the Feds, it is poorly written and almost impossible to understand. Somehow, I read it cover to cover and decided to call an 800 number for prospective joiners. After plowing through the innumerable menu options I found one that seemed pertinent and, of course, was told there would be a wait until help arrived. There was quite a wait. I could have written my memoirs before someone human answered.
It didn’t take long once the process started and by the time I hung up I had an insurance company and a pharmacy picked out. The premium would be electronically paid by my bank and the pharmacy was one I have always used.
The very next day I received a letter from a state health office telling me I had been approved for a state health plan, which would cover all my Rx costs. I decided that someone somewhere had finally noticed that disabled was my last, and old lady my first, and middle names. I immediately contacted the state to find out where I was, relative to the two plans. I was told that I was now in the arms of the state and could disregard the other insurance plan.
In the meantime, two insurance premiums had been deducted from my bank account by the private insurer, leaving a fairly sizeable hole in my budget. Since the first of February I have been trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. This hasn’t been easy. I’ve called everyone involved on the phone. No one knows a thing.
The pharmacist, who, up to recent times, has been a good, sweet, kind, helpful person, has suddenly turned into Wolfman. He will not answer questions nor will he explain any of the vagaries in the current business of dispensing drugs. I’ve purposefully avoided hassling him, realizing the dreadful mess his business has become. I needed to get a prescription refill today and I would rather have walked into a cage of hungry lions.
I was assured by the state that I’ll get a call next week, clearing up my status. I’ve been told by the insurance company that I’ve been disenrolled from their plan. Now I have to face the possibility of having to re-enroll. I read somewhere that there’s also the possibility of a fine for this action.
So here I am, in the middle of two crises. When I awakened this morning the temperature was in the high 40’s, and I was looking forward to the Presidents’ Birthday weekend.
So, my problems are not as large as running a revolution or a civil war, but I’ll bet if George and Abe were in my shoes right now they’d be flapped.
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