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It wasn’t until I read something about it in the paper this morning that I gave a thought this year to New Year’s resolutions.  I used to gather a list from people with whom I worked, and family members.  These, plus my own, gave me a good working column, where they, without using names, provided interesting reading.  My beloved boss always had the same resolution each year.  He resolved not to make any resolutions.
To me, there is some real value in the practice.  If one is as honest as possible, it does allow for acknowledgement of personal faults – a sort of confession.  This is not a bad thing to do to and for myself.  It’s a fact facing exercise.  Even if you know you’ll never keep a one, it’s good to admit that you should.
I enjoy making resolutions for others, as well as myself, especially for people in the public eye.  Once you’re in that position you’ve put yourself up for critiquing by any and everyone.  Make yourself fair game, as all celebrities do, then expect pot shots.
So, now I start a list for others and for me.  I’ll go last.
Anyone who aspires to be President knows he’s going to make somebody mad at him, so, I think he should resolve to make as few people angry as possible.  This, it turns out historically, is by doing what’s right.  Not always easy to find the yardstick by which to measure the difference between what’s right or wrong, but the Golden Rule is always a good bet.  I believe every President, as well as everyone in an elected office, on every level, should resolve each January first to follow the Golden Rule all through the following year.
Next, every company in contact with consumers should resolve to do away with computer communications with said consumers.  Let’s go back to real human beings handling business affairs with other human beings, preferably fellow Americans, who have done the jobs well for centuries.
Donald Trump should resolve to stick to running gambling casinos and obscenely priced New York real estate and stay off TV and, for gosh sakes, no running for governor of anyplace.  While I don’t think he could get elected dog catcher, I thought the same thing about the governor of California, so what do I know?  Just because I don’t find the Donald adorable, doesn’t mean he isn’t.
Speaking of TV, my resolution list is too long to print here.  If I just ask all producers, writers, and sponsors to resolve to stop presenting so much garbage on the tube, that should cover a lot of ground.  I could resolve to put my set in the trash, and since the death of Peter Jennings, I’ve half a mind to, but, I just discovered the classical music station.  Since I don’t own a radio or a CD player, my life has been lacking the warmth of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and their cohorts.  I suddenly read the entire list of digital TV offerings and, tucked away, found a channel with great music.  Therefore, I will keep the set, and resolve to watch only the few programs of any real merit.  This is a resolution I’ve been keeping wince before New Year’s Day.
My other personal resolutions are not so easy to keep.  Primary, of course, is diet.  I had a rude awakening in October when I ended up in the hospital, having dug my way there with my fork and spoon.  Since then, I’ve changed my whole way of eating and am determined to stay on the straight and narrow, and believe me, it is.  Almost everything I really like is taboo and since I would like to see how Chuckie turns out, I’m paying attention.
I’ve also resolved to put a restraint on my tongue and to build a better bridge between my mouth and my brain.  So far, so good.  Of course, my tongue is getting scarred from all the biting I’ve done, but, at least, lately, there aren’t any abrasions in my relationships.
If I can help control my mouth vis-à-vis eating and talking, plus try to observe the Golden Rule, this may be my best resolution year ever.  I wish you the same.
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