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Who pushed the fast forward button on my life’s video? I no sooner get used to writing 2005 in my checkbook than I have to start remembering to up it a year.
Christmas always whizzes by unless you’re a kid. Chuckie has been counting down like a NASA scientist. It’s nice having a youngster around. There are so many problems this year; no one is exactly jumping up and down with good cheer. It would be a good idea to hang some mistletoe next to the thermostats, to provide a little extra heat.
I’ve never been a big New Year’s Eve celebrant. I couldn’t even imagine being packed in like sardines in a place like Times Square waiting for the clock to strike twelve and the ball to drop. While my husband never could either, he did have a warm spot for New Year’s Eve and that was because he was a Scotsman, and they vastly preferred January 1st to December 25th. I maintained it was because you are supposed to give gifts at Christmas Day and on New Year’s you can just party.
There are some Scottish rituals I learned after marriage. On New Year’s Day if a dark haired man, (a red head is preferred) walks into your house, you’ll have a year of good luck. In olden times, and probably in some places in Scotland today, it was the custom to find a brunette male and ask him to walk through your door. He was to be rewarded with a piece of shortbread. I had a neighbor who also had a time honored family ritual. On New Year’s Day you had to eat a herring so you would swim upstream all year.
Of course, old Robbie Burns’ Auld Lang Syne has become the New Year’s anthem and the only New Year’s song I’ve ever heard. I have a few auld lang syne thoughts of my own.

If old acquaintance is forgot
Before the year shall end
Turn off the tube and like a shot
Run and call a long-time friend.

Send an e-mail, write a letter
With a loving mind
Wish that next year will be better
And drink a cup that’s kind

Goodbye and good riddance to 2005. Bring the baby 2006 into the house and vow to do the right thing by him.
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