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Yesterday I could have been heard humming “Deck the Halls”, as Chuckie and Adele set up my Christmas scene in the living room. Last year, I let everything go until the last minute and by the time I got around to getting things out and putting them up, I had pretty much lost my enthusiasm. The end result was my fiber optic tree stood, looking sadly unadorned and pretty much alone in its effort to instill any holiday spirit.
This year I vowed to do better even though my ability to do anything is curtailed. When Chuck and Adele arrived, I overcame my reluctance to request assistance, which is bigger than anyone will ever know. All I had to do was ask Chuck if he’d get the tree out of the closet and stand it up, when, before I knew it, the tree was up, plugged in and ornamented. Not only that, wreaths and things were hanging and the Christmas stage was set. I immediately felt better than I have in quite a while.
I had asked my two “elves” to do some shopping for me. I needed a new phone. I have two, but they are both creating problems. Both are cordless, which is great if I remember to carry one with me. One is in the living room, the other, next to my bed. I’ve been careful to put them in their cradles when not in use, to keep them charged. This is a good thing. Having to dash to answer one or the other is not. People who know me and my habits and handicaps will let the phone ring for a long time, bless their hearts. Nothing is more frustrating than to finally get to the handset, only to have it stop ringing just as I pick it up.
My problems, however, were operational. The one in the living room just wouldn’t work. The other worked, but not well. Both sets had buttons that seemed to stick. Most times, one or two numbers just didn’t register and I’d have to hang up and start again. It was bad enough, having to punch in the call number three or four times, but doing 16 digit account numbers over and over was enough to have me growling deep in my throat like an angry lion. Something had to be done. Yesterday I had a new phone. It is larger, easier to use and of better quality than the other two. It was put in the living room near my chair. The bedroom phone can stay in place since I only use it to answer calls, so I won’t have to worry about the miserable buttons.
Chuck took the non-functioning phone into my office to check it out. His mother had already removed the battery and replaced it, a first step when doing a check up. I would have, except for the fact I could never remove the battery cover.
He was in the room for a while. When he came out he had some serious electrical reports, including how he had hooked up things and what I had to do to turn things on. I didn’t think to ask him for his report on the phone he had taken with him.
Later that evening I went into the office, carefully following his instructions. Behold! The phone was all hooked up. Not only that, when I tried it, it worked. I immediately called Chuck to thank him and asked what he did. He explained something he had done to the jack wire. Not being anywhere near his level of electronic expertise, I pretended to understand, which I didn’t.
So, I awakened this morning to decked halls and a new phone, which rang and almost knocked me over. It sounded like the Queen Elizabeth II announcing its arrival in port.
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