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If you thought you had a busy and interesting week, here’s a look at the most recent Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife activity report from Augusta: A "Becoming an Outdoors Woman" Snowmobile Certification Workshop was held recently, sponsored by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Participants hailed from throughout Maine and were eager to learn more about the sport. The morning session involved Snowmobile Safety, which was instructed by Ed Davis, Recreational Safety coordinator, Warden Specialist Debbie Palman and Safety Instructor Eileen Lafland. After lunch the participants headed out to the trails to get some experience handling their sleds. The participants also had an opportunity to do some snowshoeing under the instruction of Nancy Weeks. The event was coordinated by Emily Jones, activities coordinator for the MDIFW.
Fisheries biologist Greg Burr held the first of a two day "Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs" event where he taught 7th and 8th graders about ice-fishing techniques, fish anatomy, fish identification and the importance of fishing to the state's economy and quality of life. On the following day, he assisted teachers from the school in taking 23 students to fish. They caught 20 pickerel and 4 yellow perch. A great event and a job well done.
Deputy Commissioner Paul Jacques was one of the celebrity riders in a benefit snowmobile egg run for the Pine Tree Camp group. Sgt. Pat Devlin and wardens Dan Scott, Scott Osgood, Kevin Adam, Dave Georgia, Micah Thurston, Scott Thrasher, and Durwood Humphrey provided security at road crossings. The event raised $45,150. There were in excess of 400 eggs in Jacques’ snowmobile suit and few survived the trip. Reports have it that a car wash might have been used to clean up the mess.
Warden Adam Gormely was presented with the 2004 Boating Officer of the Year Award for Maine by Warden Colonel Thomas A. Santaguida. Warden Gormely was instrumental in obtaining a state-of-the-art patrol craft for Moosehead Lake where he is assigned.
Sgt. Norm Lewis was on Sebago Lake on Monday and reported that ice conditions are less than favorable. Although the lake had frozen over during the last cold spell, recent mild weather conditions have rendered almost half of the lake unsafe. With a major ice-fishing derby due to take place shortly, the public should be wary of the poor ice conditions on some parts of the lake.
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