Sometimes your body is trying to tell you that something's just not right with your health, but your waking mind is unwilling to acknowledge the symptoms. Then, while you are sleeping, you begin to dream, your intuition kicks in, and you finally hear the message, loud and clear. This is how Kristi Woods discovered she was lactose intolerant, as she recounts in her story "Tested, Not Arrested," in our book about dreams and premonitions, starting with her dream:
"Ma'am, I will need you to blow into this, please," said the burly Honolulu police officer matter of factly. He had eased out of his patrol car and was holding a small device out to me. I was bright red with embarrassment. Why did he want me to take a Breathalyzer test?
I hadn't been drinking. I had been driving just fine. But it was apparent that my new police officer friend's request was more than that; it was a command.
I put the device to my lips and blew. My attempt was slow and shallow, and it didn't register. The contraption was difficult to blow into. It was tight, like a balloon that had yet to be stretched. I wondered how people, especially those under the influence, were able to produce anything on this handheld machine. The next try, however, proved more fruitful. The police officer seemed pleased with this second performance, and the blowing episode was complete.
The police officer stepped away and leaned into his car. Soon after, he produced a small but thick handheld machine that resembled a calculator. It looked like the ones delivery people use to obtain our signatures.
"You are most definitely lactose intolerant," stated the police officer.
What? It was a lactose test? Why would a police officer test my lactose tolerance, and why test it on that machine? How did he know to test my lactose tolerance anyway?
It was surreal. As I stood there facing the officer, perplexed by the whole ordeal, my dream suddenly ended. Day had broken, and I was awake.
Could that dream hold the solution to my abdominal problems? What if I was lactose intolerant?
Slipping downstairs to the computer, I investigated. It didn't take long before the trusty search engine produced answers. The lactose intolerance test seemed to be similar to blowing into a balloon-type instrument. The gases from the participant's breath were contained in this contraption and were then tested. The level of certain gases determined whether the person was lactose intolerant.
I was astounded. This information was all new to me, but it was remarkably similar to the dream, and it deserved my attention. Was God trying to tell me something?
Afterward, it seemed natural to limit my intake of dairy products. The numerous symptoms that I had endured over the years quietly disappeared. I felt good once again.
Who would expect a dream about a Hawaiian police officer to help a person regain health? I certainly didn't, but the results have spoken for themselves. The only test I ever had was the one in that dream, but I thank God for that Hawaiian police officer and for the good health that came as a result of his roadside test.

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