The Gawler Family Band will be playing at the Wayside Theatre on Saturday, October 29th 7 PM. The band plays an assortment of folk traditions including Scots-Irish ballads, French Canadian dance tunes and ‘Sweet Honey in the Rock’ acappella work songs.
Doors open at 6:30 PM and tickets will cost $10. No reservations are necessary. Desserts and coffee will be sold at intermission. The Wayside Theatre is located at 861 North Dexter Road on Route 23 in Dexter. For more information contact Joe Kennedy at 277-3733 and Dave Pearson at 924-5035, or visit the Wayside Grange on Facebook.
The Gawler Family from left to right: Edith, Ellen, John, Molly, and Elsie Gawler with Bennett Konesni.
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