The thirteenth annual Mystery Dinner Theater at the Brown Memorial United Methodist Church will be present "Big Chill Under The Big Top" on Friday, April 24th at 6:45 PM and Saturday, April 25th at 6 PM. The event will take place in the Fellowship Hall in Clinton.
A three course meal, served in a fine dining atmosphere is featured, starting with a caesar salad, and followed by Act 1. Then a choice of roast pork, baked chicken or haddock is served. The final act of the play leaves the audience to figure out who was murdered and who did it. Following dessert, the police will inform the guests of his investigation and the cast will sell clues to assist in determining the murderer. The first table to correctly identify the murderer will be awarded prizes.
Tickets are $25 each and a table seats eight guests. Advance reservations are required, call Becky at 426-8144.

Brown Memorial Players from left to right: Beth Anne Nielsen, A. Dale Hanscom and Debbie Nielsen.
The first of the 2015 concert series will be held at the Wayside Theatre/Grange on Saturday, April 25th. Music will be performed by Ken and Jane Brooks, and Joe and Nellie Kennedy. This combination of duos (3 members are Maine Country Music Hall of Famers) will acoustically perform country, bluegrass and Americana music. Wayside Theatre is located at 851 North Dexter Road on Route 23 in North Dexter. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the show starts at 7 PM. The cost of admission is $10. Call 277-3733 or 924-5035 or e-mail WaysideGrange@yahoo.com.
There will be an afternoon of music and food held at the Palmyra Community Center on Sunday, May 3rd from 1 to 5 PM. Music will be provided by the Wildwoods Band. Guest performers will include Bob Elston, Gary Knowles, Cornell and Judy McLellan, Jeff Clark, John Whitman, Nellie Rudder, Al Feirstalk and others. A lasagna dinner will be served up by Chef Joe. Dinner and the show admission will be $10. All proceeds will benefit the Burns Knowlton Jr. American Legion Post 32 in their efforts to build a new Post in Pittsfield. The public is invited to enjoy some great music and food.
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