After 24 years the East Sangerville Grange will be hosting it’s last concert on Saturday, December 3rd. “Homemade Jam” consisting of local grange members, including Halfway Home, Timberdoodle, J.T. Curran, Douty Hill and the story telling wizardry of Dyan McCarthy Clark. Doors open at 5:30 PM and the concert begins at 7 PM.
A long standing venue in Piscataquis County, the coffee house began in January 1994 – the brainchild of Sid Stutzman and Alan Bray. The first concert had an open mic component and the beautiful harmonies of Wild Ginger, three female vocalists from the Ellsworth area. It was hugely popular and the grange was on to a long and successful run.
Grange members stepped up to the plate by making delicious desserts and providing high-end coffee. The building had a community feel to it that concert goers gravitated to and loved. Performers felt the vibes and were astonished that people listened and made them feel welcome - all in all a pretty fantastic experience.
Over 150 acts have performed at the grange during the 24 years. A list of some notable performers – local, statewide, national and international have graced the stage. Michael Cooney, Gordon Bok, Anne Dodson, Ellis Paul, Devonsquare, the Quigley Ensemble, Harvey Reid, Denny Breau, Boreal Tordu, Amerinouche – the list goes on and on. Newer groups – The Tough Cats, Tricky Britches, the Ghost of Paul Revere and some local favorites – Evergreen, the Old Blues Cats, Dave Mallett, and Douty Hill.
Over the years the grange featured a few dance bands like King Memphis and Sean Mencher. People danced to the music upstairs along with a couple of contra dances.
Genres included Blue Grass, Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Folk. The grange’s reputation became synonymous with good music and good times in central Maine. Watching people leave after an evening at the grange with smiles on their faces and feeling good was the catalyst to keep raising the bar.
Unfortunately, for many reasons, the coffee house’s time has come to an end and it is time to close the door. One thing is certain: it has been a long, successful adventure. Keep the memories and help the grange go out with a bang by coming to the final show. Information about tickets is on East Sangerville Grange’s Facebook page and at www.grange.org/eastsangervilleme177.
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