There will be a variety show at the Wayside Theatre on Saturday, September 26th at 7 PM, which will feature local actors, musicians and a poet. Doors open at 6:30 PM with tickets costing $7 each. There will be homemade desserts and coffee sold at intermission.
This year's skit, “Check It Out,” portrays characters that individuals may have stood behind at check-out lines. Dawn Huntt is the bag lady, the one with that huge, seemingly bottomless purse that contains everything but not when she needs it.
Pictured from left to right: Tim Breen as he acts out Dave Pearson's anxiety at the check out line in Wayside Theatre's "Check It Out" skit.
Barb Bekier is the chatty one on line, ready to give you her family recipe as well as her family history. Gerry Rudman is the scratch-off lottery ticket king who buys more as he wins and Lena Downes is the customer that mixes up her fruits and veggies while driving everybody nuts.
Meanwhile, Dave Pearson is the harried customer anxious to supply the missing ice cream for his son’s birthday party, which is already in progress. Tim Breen acts out Dave’s thoughts which are sometimes murderous and Grace Lommel is the cashier who’s got her own priorities.
Local musicians providing relief from the check out line are JT Curran, Laralyn Buie, Ruth Fogg and Joe and Nellie Kennedy. Then settle back in those cushy chairs for Terry Crouch’s narrative poetry: stories ranging from roofing projects to spiders in Belize.
For more information contact Tim Breen at 355-5507 or visit Facebook. The grange/theatre is located on 851 North Dexter Road on Route 23 in Dexter.
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